Stay Charged All in One


What’s #smashing today?

I don’t know whether you have such experiences below or not, but I really do HAVE!!!

Sometimes, when I want to juice up my smartphone, tablet and camera, one one hand, I couldn’t find their own adapters at that moment; on the other hand, I couldn’t find enough available charging ports. How annoyed I was. What about you, if you happen to such situations?

Sometimes, when I sit back to my desk and start my daily work, I would find that there are so many charging cables connected any ports enabling charging my devices. “What a mess!”, my mum came in my room and talked to me. I just wonder that have your mum complained this to you?

Sometimes, when I go out and have good time with friends, a problem would always disturb us, that is, charging. Because we have so many devices, but there is only charging port. Then the question came. Who should charge firstly?

Of course, the cases and inconvenience about charging are far more than what I have listed above.61fDom6DbLL._SL1000_

Whatever, it’s time for us to get them settled just with one gadget. EasyAcc 40W 5V 8A 5-Port USB Desktop Charger, it is what I recommend to you today.

With 5 ports, you will have no need to choose between your devices or hunt for spare adapters, just plug everything in at once, uniquely designed for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab and Android devices. Charging up virtually any type of USB-POWERED device with speed, you could have more time for what’s important: life.

MOREOVER, Its compact size not only fits nicely on a desk or nightstand, but also slips into your bags, big or small, eliminating your cable chaos and creating the perfect charging home or on the go for your gear.

So how about the price? That’s it. Now let’s have a look on it.

Tip1: You could get this desktop charger with a discount of 20% (Code: EASY20OF)

Tip2: You could get this desktop charger at original price, while one more dollor/pound/euro you could also get a 3-port car charger (Code: EASYA1GC)

51Smbh94EzL._SL1000_Why not click the following links and bring them back and enjoy the powerful mobile life anywhere?

EasyAcc 5-port USB Desktop Charger

US Amazon

UK Amazon

Germany Amazon


61gl1UM91RL._SL1000_EasyAcc 3-port USB Car Charger

US Amazon

UK Amazon

Germany Amazon

Say goodbye to using multiple adapters & outlets.

         Say hello to all-in one charging convenience.


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Don’t overlook this music cube, which means refined craftsmanship, brilliant super bass audio performance and stunning 25-30 hours playtime.

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