Congratulations to Halloween Costume Contest Winners


Halloween is over, so is our costume contest!!! Great thanks for all your active participation in our contest; and we have received around 27 spook-taculous costume photos, from funny to scary with everything in between that all of you are super creative! It took a little bit longer, but prizes are worth waiting for, no? We appreciate all the pictures that were submitted, and hope that you all has as much fun entering as we did getting to see everyone.

Before we announce the winners, let’s have a review on these awesome costume ideas!!!

QQ截图20141104141817Chloe McShane(英国)

Firstly, let’s come to the cute kid costumes, or we could call them as the love costumes from their families, that is, the cute Queen Bee, the smallest scarecrow, the handsome pirate from Romi Grace Chorley, the naughty kangaroo watching something funny, the fabulous enchanted fairy girl, the 4-year-old Joker and the teenage mutant Ninja Turtle. Beautiful costumes, cute expressions and nice make-ups. If you think these are about the kid Halloween, you are wrong. See what Chole McShane has presented her creative ideas you would know trick-or-treating is not simple as you’ve imagined.

 When you are still appreciating these kids’ costumes, adult costumes have rushed to your heart. Can you hold them? 

When thinking back to Friday Halloween Horror Night, what have impressed you most? Costume clothes? No, it is the make-up. Now, let’s have a look at these taculous make-ups in EasyAcc Halloween Costume Contest 2014.



Smoky make-up, if there were two horns, black clothes and a wooden walking stick, that was Maleficent!!!

Exaggerated lines and contrasted black and white, a haunted hayride comes to us. Just imagine, when you  pull back the curtain, and then… lol

In that evening, everything you’ve happened to seemed to be normal enough, including those bloody wounds and black eyes. Mercy then step closely, No!!! Or you would be the same! Just joking…

Beautiful face with bucktooth? Step away, that is the haunted Vampire, or you want a bite from them.

So what do you think of these make-ups? Are they truly impressive and vivid? Wanna a try? We expect that next year!!!



Here Complete Costumes Come. Are you ready?Could you figure them out?

Berry Dead? A Purger? Queen of Hearts? Zombie? Alice? Leopard? or Dough Boy?


All these above are singles; How about couples?

Sexiest couple was joining the forest gathering and enjoying the daytime;

Scariest couple, dead doctor and dead possessed patient, incorporating the hospital wheelchair and bands, were slipping out of the hospital and dedicated to Trick or Treating. Knock Knock Knock…

As saying goes that Dogs are man’s best friends. So how could there be no dogs’ costume photos?


The left Chihuahua named Odie is from Shannon’s family, dressed up with three heads, one showing the sweet side of him and the other showing the slightly devilish side. So cute Odie was… and I believe there is only sweet side for him!!!

Then the right are Phoenix and Grypon are dressed as Whos by Bonnie & Beth Abelew who are inspired by the book “Horton Hears a Who”. They are wearing handmade outfits, sitting on clovers with the background of a Dr. Seuss.

Around 27 photos, who are the lucky winners? Finally we come to the point!!! Whatever, we are still gratitude your participation and the happiness you’ve brought to us. Great thanks to all.

Totally, there are four winners in this costume contest, two from UK and two from US;

Now let’s congratulate the winners Alice Thorpe and Kitty Florence Cugley from UK & winners Tony Goodman and Brandy Mohacsi from US. They will get our newly-released cute Bluetooth speaker. Messages would be sent to you for further information about claiming your prizes. Of course, for those who did not win this this time, don’t get too down; maybe you would the lucky winner next time!!! QQ截图20141104161513

To know more the prize for the contest, please visit the following Amazon links for details and purchases. QQ截图20141020165145


Take the music anywhere you want and enjoy it till the end of the time.

Now let’s have a review on these spook-taculous costumes once again!!! Expect Your Brilliant Performance Next Year!!!






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