Is Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof?

After months of guesses and predictions towards Samsung Galaxy S20, we are finally days to go before it is launched in February 11 this year. Three devices are expected to show up: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Since a number of information has been leaked to fans, some may be concerned about one thing: is Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof? If it is, to what degree is the handset waterproof?

The answer is yes. According to @OneLeak, all three Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are expected to be IP68 waterproof and dust resistant. Some insiders also suggest that the phones are IP68 water-resistant up to 5 meters, which is a massive improvement over the 1.5 meters of water resistance on Note 10 and S10. As a correspondence, Samsung will be likely to make improvements in the build: a new adhesive will be used on the rear and front glass; and the phones are possibly equipped with a stainless steel frame.

There are also many other waterproof smartphones on the market at the present, including Google Pixel 4 XL, Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10 and more. But there’s one truth worthy to be noticed, that is, all these phones can be dunked in water, even some for half an hour, but none of them are strictly “waterproof”. In fact, these waterproof phones are designed for the situations when you drop them into water by accident, instead of fully isolating them from water damage.

Judging if you need a phone with high waterproof ratings, you just need to check your needs in three aspects. First, splashes and spills. That means your phone can survive from accidental liquid spillage. Second, light swimming. Your phone is capable of surviving a quick dip with you in the pool. The last important one is deeper dives. Notice that only phones with IP68 rating can endure the pressure of water deeper than 3ft. For detailed IP rating information, check the form below.

Though more and more waterproof phones are hitting the market, not all phones are equipped with this technology. One of the important reason is the complete waterproofness is hard to realize, and even if it is, the cost is high. Nonetheless, if you have prepared yourself to pay a lot for a smartphone with high waterproof ratings and to enjoy the convenience that technology brings, it is well worth waiting for Samsung’s Galaxy S20.


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