What ‘s the difference of Samsung S20/20+/S20 ultra?

According to the Youtuber unboxing, we found that people are very looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.Before we purchase one of them, we should know the difference between them. It is necessary to know the details in case that we are regreted about them.

One of the most concerned about is the price.Based of the leaks, Galaxy S20 is $999,the mid-sized S20+ is expected to retail for $1,199, $1,399 for the S20 Ultra. I will pick the most expensive one, because of the better configuration. Next it is the difference of the specification.Samsung Galaxy S20-6.2 inch is smaller than S20 ultra.S20 ultra is 6.9 inch -surely one of the largest ever in a smartphone.If you like bigger screen , Choosing the S20 ultra is your option.From the back, the Ultra and Plus devices will look a little different, owing to the former’s supercharged camera.S20 ultra is beyond the standard 16 GB RAM.It differentiate mostly the battery,the 4000mAh battery of the Galaxy S20, 4500mAh of the S20+ and 5000mAh battery of the S20 Ultra.

While the  big difference in these devices it likely to be pushed through the cameras.Galaxy S20 Ultra is totaly different from other models. It support a 108-megapixel sensor for the main camera. This is going to be paired with a 48-megapixel telephoto, which is thought to be a 10x optical periscope lens. But the S20 and S20+ going after quality with bigger pixels.You shouldn’t be penalized for choosing the cheaper S20 Plus in lieu of the pricier S20 Ultra. Here is another factor that should be considered.The S20 Plus may top out at 128GB, leaked specs indicate there will be 256GB and 512GB options for the S20 Ultra. If you don’t want to pay for all that storage upon on purchasing your Galaxy, they’ll all have microSD card slots for expandability.

As aforementioned, Samsung Galaxy S20 series  are different in some different way.In the long term ,S20 ultra is the most excellent model.Why not opt for the strongest one.Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has 100X Space Zoom.There are another rumored that Galaxy S20 is  including a new “Smart selfie” mode and “Single take photo” that’ll automatically capture a few different angles of a photo in rapid succession.Hopfully it is true.The S20 Ultra will be Samsung’s tour de force for camera tech.Let’s looking  forward to the reveal.

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