Does Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have longer battery life?

We’ve seen plenty of leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for months over its design, price and function. But the most noticeable leaks come from a post published by the well-known tipster Evan Blass, which compares Galaxy Buds Plus and its predecessor in details. From that comparison, the most prominent difference is that the new buds has much longer battery life.

The Buds Plus can last 11 hours on a single charge. Combined with the charging case, the new set can last up to 22 hours, 9 hours more than the previous one. Actually, the earbuds’ battery capacity jumps from 58mAh to 86mAh (the case from 252mAh to 270mAh), increasing the play time to 11 hours, and talk time to 7.5 hours. Based on these improvement, the Galaxy Buds Plus could be the most long lasting wireless earbuds on the current market. Another advancement worth noticing is the buds’ fast charging technology. It is claimed to be able to deliver 60 minutes of play-time after just 3 minutes of charging. This undoubtedly futher strengthens the buds’ outstanding battery performance.

The Galaxy Buds Plus is believed to be the real competitor of other wireless earbuds, especially Apple’s Airpods Pro. The play-time of it reaches 11 hours, while most wireless earbuds are rated for 6 to 8 hours, and Airpods Pro just has 5 hours of listening time. What’s more, the price of this new buds is reported to be $149, $20 over the current Galaxy Buds, and $100 more than AirPods Pro.

Although the Buds Plus is likely to have a similar design as the previous one, and it doesn’t feature noise cancelling technology as AirPods Pro, the superiority in price and battery life will certainly put Samsung in a really good position in the current market of wireless earbuds.

A Samsung spokesperson on Tuesday said in a statement that the company is “excited to introduce Galaxy Buds+ soon.” As consumers or samsung fans, we would also expect the Unpacked event next week in San Fransisco. At that time, Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20, would be introduced together with the new Galaxy Buds (black, white, red, and blue available).

Also, we would be expecting the pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 smartphones to come with a free set of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. So if you are going to buy a new smartphone from Samsung, S20 is especially recommended as you will get a new Galaxy Buds as a sweet perk.


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