What is the best Gooseneck Tablet Stand?

Are you addicted at playing  living stream video? Youtuber is a popular profession that many youngers are pursued. As a YouTube content creator, you need  to carry a portable Tablet or smartphone stand in that you can work more smoothly. Not only  can we use the gooseneck tablet or smartphone stand in the internet working ,but also it can be applied to our office work and daily life. Here is the best gooseneck tablet or smartphone stand,360 flexible lazy neck phone stand from EasyAcc.

Broad Compability

EasyAcc gooseneck tablet stand can be compatible with Pad iPad Pro/iPhone11/Samsung Galaxy/Huawei/Nintendo/kindle. The ipad holder 100cm long is compatible with all 4-10.6 inch devices. Having this compatible holder can be very convenient for your work ,Whichever you have any device ,you can carry all of it.

The Special &  Perfect design 

This ipad stander is the upgrade version. The tablet holder should be flexible as we need. This kind of tablet holder has thoughtful strings on clamp which can help to easily put ipad into and out of bracket . You can have 360 degree rotation.Meanwhile,protective pads on clamp  are made of anti-deformed rubber instead of flat foam.If ipad is inverted ,the groove design prevents it from falling off. Two rubber pads  on base are detachable & recyclable . It can offer more stability and have no annoying glue left on table at all.The smooth silicone skin increases the friction between hands and hose,making  it easy to twist. The inside of arm is made of flexible magnalium alloy to get more stability.Spiral-structured clamp with flexible silicone pad ensures a tight fix without scratching the clamping area.

The tips to use 

1.When you are holding a heavy tablet ,you could try to loop the gooseneck into a “S” or “Z” shape or circle shape which would provide some more stability.

2.Bend using two hands and bend just the gooseneck when adjusting the position because it is stiff. Pull the device violently when adjusting may broke the nut.

3. Also, don’t overtighten the base clamp too much so it won’t break easily. The base clamp can expand to 80mm wide and accept thickness of about 70mm (Please use on flat)

Lead a Lazy Lifestyle

You can enjoy a great book or movie with this tablet stand and totally free your hands so you can lie comfortably on bed or sofa. With ergonomical iPad holder, you can keep the ipad at an appropriate distance from your eyes, it will effectively fix your posture, protect your eyesight and neck.

Hot Recommendation:

EasyAcc Gooseneck Tablet Stand :

Deals Price:£12.99

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