Should I buy a ceramic heater to keep warm in winter?

Keeping warm in winter is expensive, especially when you have to pay for the old and low-efficient heating devices at your home. In most cases, this expense is necessary because you will not bear the chill in the morning and start up the wood stove, waiting it warm up your body for a long time. Fortunately, there’s a more budget choice that can help you survive the winter: space heater. It is rather convenient for both a one-bedroom apartment or a large family home. And ceramic heaters, in particular, become more and more popular for its reasonable price and great heating performance. 

What Is Ceramic Heater?

Judging by its name, you may think that it is totally made of ceramic. Well, it is not exactly true. The majority of ceramic heaters are plastic as well as some metal components, and the reason why it is called ceramic lies in the heater’s heating core, which is made of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic. As we all know, ceramic is doing well in thermal conductivity and it is of high durability, a ceramic heater can usually last many years without any damage. So if you decide to buy one to keep you warm in winter, don’t hesitate.

Convective Ceramic Heater

There are two types of ceramic heater: convective and radiant. For the former one, it uses electricity to heat its aluminum parts which transfer the heat to the heating parts. At the same time, cool air will be drawn from the bottom, sent across the heating elements and dispersed throughout the room. Not a few manufacturers will use a fan to help blow out the air, so the convective heating fan is also called fan heater. How long it takes for such a heater to warm up a room? That depends. If it is large and has a high ceiling and maybe some gaps, it may take a longer time.

Radiant Ceramic Heater

Radiant ceramic heater has the same heating mode, also using electricity to heat the heating components, but it doesn’t use a fan to blow out the air. Instead, the heat will then be radiated directly to objects, naturally increasing their own temperature. For these reasons, the radiant ceramic heater is more capable of offering longer and lasting heat, but it also means taking a bit longer time to make you warm. Plus, if you frequently move from one room to another, you will get cold again very fast, as the heat won’t go with you. 

Benefits of Ceramic Heaters

Having had a brief explanation for ceramic heaters, we’ve come to know no matter convective or radiant, it is worth buying one for a number of reasons. 

Faster heat output: Ceramic is a conductive matter which makes ceramic heater easy to heat up. Note that it works better for a few rooms, not a large apartment. When you have to get up in the morning, this little stuff will instantly help take the chill off your room. Based on that, it will be perfect to use a central heating system and a ceramic heater as a supplementary heating device.

Money-saving: Compared with oil-filled heaters and central heating systems, ceramic heaters are much more compact, energy-efficient and low-cost. If you intend to heat up a single room, this is surely the best choice. And if your target is several separate rooms, it is more recommended to have a central heating system.

Safe Heating: PTC ceramic, the heater’s heating core which we mentioned at the beginning, has a built-in safety mode: when the ceramic reaches a certain temperature, the thermistor will play its part and prevent the heater from continually heating up. This is really sweet for the family with small kids and pets since you can’t tell when their little fingers and paws will touch the heater.

Recommendation of Ceramic Heaters

Easyacc Ceramic Heater

  • ❤【3 Safety features】Switching off automatically when the space fan heater reaches 75℃/167℉ or be tipped over accidentally.
  • ❤【3s Fast Evenly Heat】Heated immediately in three seconds, quickly heating the surrounding air and producing a gentle hot air.
  • ❤【60°Auto Oscillating & Adjustable Thermostat Contral】The 60° oscillating angle would be the most comfortable and optimum angle for you to enjoy the natural wind. 
  • ❤【3 Settings–Heater/Cooling】3 settings: 5W, 600W and 1000W respectively for summer, spring/autumn and winter. 
  • ❤【Portable+Quiet Operation】Lightweight and portable. Working with low noise, no interruption for sleep, work, and study.



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