What is the best desk fan for the year 2020?

When talking about the method of cooling down, we usually have a variety of choices at hand. But because the daily life of modern people is mostly related to office, desk or home, desk fan has become what many of us will buy without hesitation. If you are going to have a new desk fan for the year 2020, don’t miss out on these stuffs we prepared for you. Bear in mind that different types of fans have different functions, and don’t judge a fan just by its appearance. If you find one of them meets your needs, take a look and have a try!

1.Lasko Desktop Tower Fan

The design of this tower fan is very innovative and space-saving–it is of sleek appearance, with just a size of 6” diameter. Different from most desk fans, its electronic controls are front-mounted, saving much energy and time to overturn. The most fascinating feature is pivoting top modules, which enable these two parts to change directions as we want. That is to say, if there are 2 or more people at the desk, this tower fan will act the way several fans can.

2.Dyson AM06 Table Fan

Dyson’s table fan is a high-tech choice, though a bit too expensive for those with a low budget. But if you are a brand lover, and intend to use a fan for a longer time, Dyson is surely the one you will not regret to buy. It is more powerful and quieter, thanks to its air multiplier technology and the streamlined air channels. It is also highly intelligent. You are able to remote control this machine, change the direction of the wind around a room, and preset time of turning off according to your sleeping habits. Last but not least, airflow without fast-spinning blades makes it safe for children, pets and also during cleaning.

3.Vornado Air circulator Fan

The Vornado fan is special mainly for its air circulation technology. With the combination of the AirTensity spiral grill, the enclosed air duct, the deep pitch blades, and the inlet air accelerator as well, this little fan can move air up to 70t more effectively throughout a room. The manual control is on the side, also easy to get access. Plus, the adjustable tilt head allows us to direct the airflow where we need it.

4.SkyGenius Clip Desk Fan

Due to the clip style of this fan, we’ll use it in more scenarios like camping, exercising, driving and more. The fan will come in the box with a USB charger, which means you can power it up anytime, anywhere. It is more compact than the common fan (only 7.5*6*4 inch), and there is a 2600mAh inbuilt battery. As long as giving it a full charge, you just need to put it into your pocket without worrying about battery depletion.

5.EasyAcc 8-inch Desk Fan

This desk fan is up to 8 inches, a little big for some consumers. But on the other hand, it means bigger fan blades and stronger wind. With this fan, you will have 4 choices, 1200 rpm for personal cooling; the highest speed 1800 for hot summers and multiple people. Furthermore, the 5200mAh battery is large enough to offer up to 16 hours of continuous wireless use. Metal frames ensure a steady placement, while the 360° rotation head enables us to cope with multiple situations.



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