Will iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?

Apple will release iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of next year, according to the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. As its sibling iPhone SE, it will be sold in a much lower price compared with other iPhone handsets, which is specifically appealing to those who don’t care much about the gimmicks of latest iPhones like Face ID or multi-camera modules but are still fascinated by the excellent performance of the hardware and the new iOS features as well. That said, iPhone 6 owners will be the key potential buyers of SE 2 and the main power to boost Apple’s sales when its market starts to face a clear recession after months of new handsets release.

Rumors and leaks of iPhone SE 2

The predecessor of SE 2, iPhone SE is a small and functional smartphone that comes with a Touch ID and a 4-inch display at a rather affordable price. Though after 3 years of suspension, It is almost certain that the SE 2 will still inherit the features of the old one, but whether it will be equipped with Touch ID or not is not sure yet. After all, Touch ID was no longer seen since the year 2018 when Apple started the era of Face ID, which is purportedly more secure than fingerprint scanning. However, Kuo claims that iPhone SE 2 will resemble iPhone 8 with new hardware like an A13 processor with 3 GB RAM. This means that it will probably have a 4.7-inch display and a home button for Touch ID rather than the full-screen and home button-free design like iPhone X. Considering the much lower price and the still not bad performance of SE series, the returning to the cheaper Touch ID is not beyond comprehension.

Pros and cons of Touch ID

But why Touch ID? Compared with face unlock, it has some unparalleled advantages. Touch ID technology was born to provide safety to our smartphone use. Because it records and verifies our unique fingerprint,  any other malicious attempt to enter the phone will be detected. It is not uncommon that a phone with Face ID may sometimes fail to recognize the face. But on the contrary, Touch ID can always bring us a much more seamless user experience. And it is no need to remember a complex password in order to unlock the phone. Just touch the button and everything will be on for you.

What is the future of the phone unlock?

As Touch ID is expected to come back together with SE 2, it is more likely that Apple will let both technologies coexist just like what Huawei does with Mate 20 Pro. Apple introduced fingerprint scanning on iPhones in 2013 and again put forward Face ID in 2017 with the iPhone X launch. Both have ever made iPhone the leader in phone unlocking technology among many other competitors. If the prediction that Face and Touch ID will go hand in hand is true, Apple will probably make it the trend through the whole industry.

According to people familiar with the plans, Apple is developing in-screen fingerprint technology for as early as its 2020 iPhones. The fingerprint reader would be embedded in the screen, and a large portion of the display would be scannable for the fingerprint. This in-screen touch sensor is now being tested, so it is believed that mass production will be in the near future, and users will be offered both biometric options via either fingerprint or face then. As for iPhone SE 2, the new low-cost phone expected to have Touch ID built into the home button instead of the screen, will still be a really good preparation for the upcoming in-screen fingerprint scanning technology.

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