Will iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?

Apple will release iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of next year, according to the renowned analyst┬áMing-Chi Kuo. As its sibling iPhone SE, it will be sold in a much lower price compared with other iPhone handsets, which is specifically appealing to those who don’t care much about the gimmicks of latest iPhones likeContinue reading “Will iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?”

Will the 8/8 plus be the Last Touch ID iPhone

Recently, Apple has introduced three iPhones on its launch event. Except for the iPhone 8 and 8+ which are on sale, the iPhone X is called to the most attractive and luxurious version in apple family. It will be almost $1000, so what distinguishes the iPhone X from other smartphones? We know that many smartphonesContinue reading “Will the 8/8 plus be the Last Touch ID iPhone”

All Touch ID Apps won’t use Face ID until updated

One piece of the most exciting news recently is that a new version of iPhone has been revealed.A vast number of alterations on iPhone X will again redefine the meaning of a smart-phone.However, the greatest change that takes place on iPhone X is the introduction of Face ID.Words came that all Touch ID apps won’tContinue reading “All Touch ID Apps won’t use Face ID until updated”

Will Apple Drop Touch ID in the IPhone 8

Since there are a bunch of rumors about whether Touch ID will be dropped in the iPhone 8, you may easily get tired of reading these similar or same contents from different articles. So here I just make a simple summary according to the rumors in order to help you better know almost every possibilityContinue reading “Will Apple Drop Touch ID in the IPhone 8”