MacBook Air Battery Not Charging

It is a frustrated problem when the battery not charging. In this article, I will share some possible issues for battery not charging and its solution. I provide steps from two conditions.


1.If there is no display screen.

As for this condition, the checking process is easy but the repairmen can be challenge or expensive. Here we start it!

  • Check the wall socket

The way to distinguish whether problem lies here is to change for another wall socket. If you can charge your laptop after doing that, it is time for you to find solution about how to fix a wall socket. It is a really dangerous thing. Think before your action.


  • Check the Power adopter

As you can see from the picture, there are three part of a power adopter charger. You need to check every centimeter of it. Whether is it burnt out, broken off or frayed? Whether is it connected well? You can borrow an adopter from your friend to help you to eliminate this problem.


 If that’s the problem, you can buy an adopter from Amazon or Apple store. You can turn your laptop over to find the information of model number and then searching for your model number with a word “Charger”


  • Clean the power port

Well, if problem have nothing to do with chargers and wall socket. Next, you should check your MacBook Air. Starting with the power port, cleaning the dusk and plug the charger in it again.

That’s all you can do without a display screen. If your problem wasn’t solved, you could take it to an Apple store for repairmen. You can read the article (Mac Service and Repair) to find out how much money it cost and requirement.


  • Sent it to an Apple store for replacement

If your problem wasn’t solved after those checks, you could take it to an Apple store for repairmen. You can read the article (Mac Service and Repair) to find out how much money it costs and requirements.

2.If there is a display screen.

  • You should try the foregoing step, if problem can’t be handle with, you should go further.
  • Check energy setting

Find the Operate Preference from Dock and open it. Click Energy Saver for checking battery and Power Adopter setting tabs. If you set the sleeping set too low, it looks like a battery issue. However, in most cases, it is more difficult.

  • Reset SMC


Here are the instructions to do SMC reset. You can find it on the Apple’s website.

  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait 15 seconds.
  • Plug the power cord back in.
  • Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on your Mac

If you think it is difficult to follow the instruction, you might see this video. (SMC test)

Here are all the solutions I can find. Hope it will help you deal with the problem-MacBook air battery not charging.


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