Best Backlit Keyboard for Mac

Since you use your keyboard frequently no matter for finishing work tasks or for getting fun, and sometimes you may need to burn the midnight oil to meet a deadline, or be on a marathon gaming session, I think this article recommending the best backlit keyboard for Mac might be helpful for you. 



Compatible System

Airfox K20 Bluetooth Keyboard


iOS / Mac / Android / Windows

Logitech K811 Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard


iOS/ Mac

Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard


Mac/ Windows

Redimp GK100 Waterproof Keyboard


Mac/ Windows

  1. 1. Airfox K20 Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard enables Bluetooth 3.0 connection, the working range of which is 10 meters. And it is compatible with the main systems—-iOS, Mac, Android and Windows, so it is quite convenient to use. Besides, it has a battery life of up to 300 hours without backlit. While the backlit is on, it lasts 5 hours. Moreover, the backlit has 7 colors for your choice, quite cool, isn’t it?

To see what others comment about this product, click to watch an interesting video about the Airfox K20 keyboard review from Youtube.

Airfox Backlit Keyboard for Mac

  1. 2. Logitech K811 Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard

This product is compatible with Mac, iPhone and iPad. The unique Logitech Easy-Switch technology makes it possible to toggle between typing on your Mac, iPad and iPhone, which enables you to operate several devices simultaneously. Besides, the sharp and bright backlit keys are easy to type, and will accompany you even in darkness. Add to that is the auto-adjusting illumination—-the intensity of backlit will adjust according to the environment and thus won’t hurt your eyes.

Logitech Wireless Backlit Keyboard for Mac

  1. 3. Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard

If you are talking about the best mechanical keyboard, you must mention Aukey KM-G3; if you are a game lover and is hunting for the most suitable keyboard, you must think about Aukey KM-G3.

It has eye-catching colors. It has 9 preset LED lighting effects, 5 editable game lighting combinations, and 7 color options for each key. It also has satisfying preciseness. The 104 RGB-backlit keys are accurate and responsive, and you just won’t miss a single key-press in any use case scenario

To know more about this keyboard, watch this video about Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard review.

Aukey Backlit Keyboard for Mac

  1. 4. Redimp GK100 Waterproof Keyboard

Just like the Aukey KM-G3 which I mentioned above, this keyboard is also designed for game lovers, but it is more cost-efficient.  As to backlit, it features RGB backlighting and 3 LED brightness levels (100%-60%-30%-OFF), so you have multiple choices. Besides, it provides easy access media keys for convenient volume control and media playback so as to enhance your using experience. And in gaming mode, it supports 19 non-conflict keys. Among all its characteristics, waterproofness is the one which makes it outperform other keyboards.

Now it’s on sale at $19.99 HERE

Backlit Keyboard for Mac

Well, that’s all for today. Backlit keyboard are of different types, some are better for office and some for gaming, you should make clear which function you value most before placing an order.

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