Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Review


When the Samsung s8 was claimed to be very similar to the s7 last year, people seems has little expectations on its camera image quality. After its release, the fact is we’re seeing some pleasantly surprising results from the new phone’s camera.

The Samsung s8 comes with a 12MP camera on the rear and the (upgraded) 8MP sensor on the front. Both sensors are work well in low light. The big improvement of s8 camera might be its design of new multi-frame image processing, which snaps three pictures at once, chooses the best and then uses the other two to help provide more detail and clarity. Based on this, the Samsung galaxy s8 shows a great advantage in HDR photos which feature better exposure and colors, even proved to surpass that of the iPhone 7 plus.


You are easily accessible to the camera app by double-tap the power button or swipe the lock screen and you’re less than a second away from the shutter firing. But you might have to try several times to find the rhythm which once you learnt, it will much easier to save the photos.
Using one hand you can make it under the control. Swipe the interface on the camera from different directions to access to different functions. Swipe from the left to display the modes you can use; swipe from the right you’ve got filters than you can customize; down to access the selfie camera, hold and swipe the shutter button to zoom into your subject.


There is one popular and interesting feature that is you can put some cute little stickers and augmented reality masks over yourself or your friends (when the S8 recognizes them in shots from the rear camera). It is well designed for children to play.


A comparison made between the S7 and S8 by You Tuber XeeTechCare demonstrates the more powerful Samsung’s new image processing, from which the S8’s camera manages to preserve much more detail and sports a wider dynamic range.


Everything of s8’s camera seems right and even helps you to take snaps that are better than you’re seen in real life. However, Samsung might have paid more attention to get a great low light shots, and it find that in bright light the Galaxy S8 has a tendency to slightly overexpose images. Another criticism towards s8’s camera is that the quality of the shots looks better on the phone than on a computer screen. What’s more, the iPhone 7 seems to shoot smoother, more shake-free video compare to Samsung galaxy s8.
All in all, it features a good camera which enables you to document your special moment and edit them to keep only the best parts.


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