Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 had attracted much concern before its entry to the market. The resent releasement of Galaxy S8 has made people even more curious about it. What would you do with this brand new product? What apps are you going to install? In this article the editor recommends 5 best apps for Samsung Galaxy S8, read on and have a look.


Best Music Player App—-BlackPlayer
This is an excellent music player for your Samsung Galaxy S8 that can be downloaded for free. With build in equalizer and bass boost, it adds much joy to your leisure time. Besides, the music scrobbling function is rather useful and records the songs you’ve listened. You can even customize the look of the app by changing themes, fonts and colors as you like. And if you’d like to fall asleep with the company of music, the sleep timer will automatically stop the music after you’re asleep.

best e-book reader app_kindle

Best E-book Reader App—- Kindle
Kindle is such an app that puts millions of books at your fingertips with high-resolution color images, so if you are passionate about reading, it will definitely be a reasonable recommendation. You’ll have access to various free books—- popular magazines like The Economist and Reader’s Digest, classic works like Pride and Prejudice and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Not all books are free of charge, yet they are easy to explore and shop. Get to be a full man with the Kindle app installed in your Samsung Galaxy S8 .


Best Office App—- Microsoft Office Mobile
Microsoft has greatly facilitated our work in office. Now it’s time for us to enjoy the convenience brought by Microsoft Office Mobile while on the go with the smartphone. With Word, PowerPoint and Excel available, we can open, read and edit files freely. And if you also use OneDrive、OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, you can even sync files between your computer and Samsung Galaxy S8.


Best Socializing App—-Hangouts
When everybody is using Facebook, you may be interested in something new—-Hangouts developed by Google. This is a communication platform which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. It enhances contacts between you and your families and friends and adds fun to your life.


Best Radio App—-Dash Radio
It is said that Dash is the biggest original digital radio broadcasting platform in the world, that’s why Dash Radio app is recommended here. One advantage that you must care much about is that there are no commercial ads or awkward pauses between songs so you won’t be interrupted while enjoy the wonderful music. Besides, it provides abundant music resources, 60+ original (not simulcast FM) live streaming stations are available. And you can stream the music on your Samsung Galaxy S8 via Bluetooth or cord to your car & speakers/headphones.


Above are recommendations concerning apps of various functions like socializing and reading, is anyone to your taste? There are actually more useful apps deserve trying, and once you find and use them, you’ll find the life more colorful.


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