Samsung Galaxy S7 VS Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 launched the market a few days ago and made a stir instantly. Should I upgrade my Galaxy S7? Besides the apparent boundless screen difference between them, you still need to find out some core differences. Now let’s go for the differences between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S8.



Despite the much larger screen, diagonal S8 is comparable to the S7 for its comfortability to hold and use. Different from S7, Galaxy S8 ditches the front fingerprint scanner and places it on the back, right next to the camera in what is an extremely weird position. Also, the Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung flagship with a USB-C port rather than the old microUSB used on the S7, which makes it competitive as a newer phone.

Battery life


As with the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 supports wired- and wireless fast charging. The battery capacity itself hasn’t changed, and is still rated at 3,000mAh. However the S8 has made the move to USB Type-C, so, while you might need to invest in some new cables, you’ll at least be able to plug them in either way around.

Camera tech


The camera on the S8 is one of the smallest upgrades over the S7, as it has just a single-lens 12MP snapper – just like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Even the aperture hasn’t changed, coming in at f/1.7 again. However, the software is better this time, which ensures the improvement of the potential quality of images. It has better video OIS, brighter low-light photos and crisper selfies than last year’s all-around best smartphone. The camera of S8 is a jump, but not a leap in quality.

The Galaxy S8 will cost from £689.00 when it hits the UK in April 2017. By comparison, the S7 can be picked up from £529.



Bixby’ is Samsung’s answer to personal assistants, and is all set to be a massive feature in Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Bixby helps manage your day-to-day calendar, can be paired with IoT devices in your home, and can even add items to your shopping list should you take a picture of it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Samsung Galaxy S7: Who wins?

samsung_galaxy_s8_vs_samsung_galaxy_s7: who_wins

The Galaxy S8 improves on the Galaxy S7 formula in almost every way. From the processor, display and design, the S8 is a significant upgrade to the S7. Considering you can pick up the Galaxy S7 for £420 SIM-free these days, it will still be a firm choice for you. Given the Galaxy S8 launches for a pricey £689 come April (and its S8+ brother priced at £779), stick with the S7 if you’re looking to save your pennies. And if you wish to take the leap, you won’t be disappointed about S8.


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