Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a gorgeous design must make you fondle admiringly. However, its stunning 6.2-inch to some degree makes the device more susceptible to damage with accidental bump and drops. Do you want to keep you phone looking “like new” over time? The editor here rounded up a list of good protective cases for you!


EasyAcc Leather Wallet Case
The EasyAcc leather wallet case perfectly rolls the wallet and protective case into one. A design of two slots on front cover for card and a simple pocket for changes are convenient for going outside. The basic protections from damage of scratch and dirty are supported by durable PU leather outside and breathable microfiber inside. It can be easily used as a steady stand so immerse yourself in video anytime and anywhere.


Samsung Clear View Standing Cover
Samsung’s official case is a good option to start with. As perfectly designed for Samsung S8+, it fully protects your phone with all functions being used smoothly. The most attractive feature is that it can be folded to create an adjustable stand so that you are convenient to have a binge for watching TV programs. Though it is a little expensive, you are free from worrying about whether the fit will be spot-on. And you won’t have any problems accessing the physical buttons, headphone jack and charging port.


Spigen Wallet S
As you might expect, the Spigen Wallet S can be used as a wallet which includes three slots for your credit cards or ID along with a large pocket for cash. As a protective case, it features a faux leather material outside and is lined with microfiber inside so as to protect your screen from scratch. Similar to Samsung’s own cases, it can be folded into a stand which is ideal for media viewing.
Ringke Fusion
If you don’t want to cover the beautiful design of your Samsung S8+, the Ringke Fusion is tailor made for you. This is a clear case combining a polycarbonate body and a TPU bumper. Slim and light, make your phone as compact as it should be; precise and protective, features a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for shock protection. Cutouts are well tailored to fit your smartphone except the button, but it is also easy to press.


Silk Base Grip Case
The basic function of a case is to protect your phone from dropping. However, a common issue for big phone is to maintain a steady grip. The case comes with grip texture around its perimeter which makes it stand out from crowd. It greatly enhances your ability to keep hold of your phone. And its special design of cushion corner provides good protection from drop. Moreover, you may enjoy the natural button which gives you feedback when you click it. To sum up, it is a good combination of fashion and simplicity.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Clear Case
This Spigen case also let the stylish design of your phone shine right through as it features a crystal clear polycarbonate backing. It is a two-piece case with flexible TPU well protecting your phone from damage. As to any other unique features, it has raised edges at the top and bottom which offer you that crucial screen clearance when you place your phone face down on a table.
In addition to cases, there are many other best accessories you may need for a more powerful performance of your Samsung S8/S8+, you can click here to follow our media center where most of new information is provided.

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