Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S8 Get Hot While Charging


You may be in a “Samsung galaxy S8 binge”, but you are still affected by the shadow of Samsung Note 7. News related to phone explosion gives people more concerns to their phone safety. As the explosion usually happened during or after charging, it’s imperative you to take the charging issue seriously since your safety and that of your family are at stake here. There are many factors contribute to get hot while charging. In this post, the editor lists some most common factors which leading to the overheating problems and gives several rules of thumb about how to troubleshoot it.


Possible Contributors to Get Hot

Troubleshooting Physical damages

  • Verify whether your smartphone are physically damaged. Getting unusual hot while charging is often a sign of serious hardware issues and a physical damage such as drop your phone or scratch is always the direct contributor.
  • Another fatal factor causes overheating is liquid damage. It sometimes leads to the death of your battery. Although, Samsung galaxy claims to be waterproof, you should be careful to check whether the Liquid Damage Indicator is tripped or not. Removing your SD card and SIM card, you will tell from the LDI’s color whether your smartphone is water damaged. If it turns red, pink or purple, then you can be sure that it is liquid damage.


Checking Fast Battery Draining Culprits

  • The faster the battery drains, the hotter your phone will be. There are many applications running in the background leads to the quick draining of your smartphone, you can try to charge your phone by keeping your phone in the Safe Mode so you can figure out if the apps contribute to the overheating.
  • Clear your system caches. Too many caches always cause performance issues. And your phone will be refreshed with a regular clean.


Fast Charging & inappropriate Charging

  • Quick charge technology is commonly used nowadays, and it is the case of your Samsung galaxy S8. Generally, the quicker you phone being charged, the hotter it will become.
  • Most of people are unwilling to let their phone alone while charging, but it really do great harm to the battery. But luckily this is an easy problem to solve. What you need to do is to turn on the Flight Mode while charging.


Best fast-charging power bank to avoid overheating

You won’t to hurt your battery, but what if you still want to enjoy a quick charge? In this case, a best quality quick charging power bank serves an ideal solution. EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank supports quick charge 3.0 technology, and more importantly, it comes with smart technology as well, you are assure to give appropriate current to your smartphone so that can avoid overcharging which leading to overheating.

Let the above mentioned contributors aside, there are many other factors which lead to the problem of getting hot. If you can’t handle the problem by yourself, just turn to mechanist for help, you will enjoy their considerable services.


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