Should I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector?


After a long time waiting, new Samsung flagship, Samsung Galaxy S8 finally has been released. Some of the people even hand on their new S8 or S8 plus. As another curved screen smartphone, whether we should place a screen protector for Galaxy S8 turns to be a focus gathering problem. If you’ve spent any time on the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you’ll know that finding a quality and suitable screen protector for the curved screens of them has proved exceedingly difficult. Many suffered from the dreaded “halo effect”, which is especially prevalent with flat screen protectors on curved screens, while others had issues with adhesiveness or touch sensitivity. What’s the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus?


Therefore, some people insist that screen protector is a waste of money and they are careful enough to prevent scratch or breaks on their screen. But never forget life is full of accidents. That’s why the tempered glass screen protector exists. When you break the screen and regret that you didn’t use a screen protect for your Galaxy S8, it’s so late and cost far more than buying a screen protector.


Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

OTAO Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Installation Tray[2 Packs]

Current Price: $15.99

The Tray Installation design is to make sure that the glass screen protector fits the phone perfect, and it is also convenient and easy to install. The protector is specially design for s8 with any case. This is the best screen protector solution for lifting up issue with your loved case. It is Designed for Working with any Phone Case, No Lifting Up, You can enjoy a better using experience of tempered glass with your case. Innovative 3D hot bending technology makes glass bending that make protector fit screen even the curved edge for Samsung Galaxy S8. With special steel processing, hardness is up to 9H, which can effectively ease the impact force and protect screen from scratch of sharp objects, scratches, wear, blast. Surface with special chemical treatment with nano coating, so the protector has no influence on screen touch sensitivity and high response.

Pulais Anti-Bubble Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 -2PACK

Current Price: $11.99

99% transparency, ultra smooth surface which guarantees a comfortable sliding finger movement and maintains your device’s original high-definition retina viewing experience and high-sensitivity touch response. 9H Hardness Scratch-resistant highly responsive.Say goodbye to the possibility of scratches and keep your phone in an original high-definition viewing condition. Special oil-resistant processing helps your phone free from oil, fingerprints, water and other stains and makes the film easy to clean. Attached smoothly with self-adhering surface, leave no residue when removed.

iTURBOS full screen 3D screen protector film for Samsung Galaxy S8 [2 Packs]

Current Price: $7.99

Special scratch-resistant coating to protect your device from daily scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of wear. This screen protector is super thin, can maintain the touch feature of your Samsung Galaxy S8. This kind of screen protector is 99% High Definition Clarity, 99% light transmittance, keeps the bright and colorful image quality. Latest tech plus new method, we are committed to make screen protector installation an easier thing. Strictly following the instructions to operate and you can apply a perfect screen protector easily.


If you don’t want to pay a higher price for your S8, you should use a screen protector. As the technology development, screen protector won’t make you uncomfortable while using your phone. Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

Should I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector?》有3个想法

  1. Screen sensitivity is a major problem when using a screen protector on the S8. For years I was happy with my protected S6. As soon as I got the S8 I started experiencing problems using the touch screen. On the tenth day I dropped my phone and the protector popped off. Before reinstalling the protector I realized just how good the unprotected screen works. The store clerk exchanged my protector with a better version and immediately I was unhappy again with the sensitivity of the screen. I am now trying to decide if I should try a different brand of protector, or take my future chances of breaking the screen and having to pay my insurance deductible to fix the problem.

    1. Im debating the same thing. Ive always protected my phones. And im always super careful with my phones i have a heavy duty case so i might stop spending money for a while and stick with no screen protector

      1. I like the screen as is and have a Defender Otterbox…its got a pretty good raised edge even tho heavier than I like. I think I’m not gonna put a screen protector on it cuz I don’t want all the problems that I’ve been reading abput…


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