Free Trial of Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/S20 Ultra Cases

Free trial of a new released Samsung Galaxy S20,S20 +, S20 Ultra case Are you ready to buy Samsung Galaxy S20 series ?  Now you have the chance to get  the free trial of  Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/S20 Ultra Cases, please contact to email us :, This activity is only available in German, UK, Italy, Spain, France,Continue reading “Free Trial of Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/S20 Ultra Cases”

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely one of the best phone released in 2018, even though the design doesn’t have much difference with its predecessor S8, it still draw public attention by the upgraded operating system and camera performance. How to make the most of it once you have made up your mind to purchase one?Continue reading “Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories”

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a gorgeous design must make you fondle admiringly. However, its stunning 6.2-inch to some degree makes the device more susceptible to damage with accidental bump and drops. Do you want to keep you phone looking “like new” over time? The editor here rounded up a list of goodContinue reading “Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus”

Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Cases From EasyAcc

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has been unveiled for a while, the stunning design and overwhelming specs delight most of Android customers out of question. Citing from the domestic report in South Korea, the pre-ordered amount had reached 550 thousand since the official pre-ordering channel opened on 7th April, which had crossed the mark made byContinue reading “Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Cases From EasyAcc”

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

The pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 starts now. For those Samsung fans that are waiting for the new toy, it is needed to prepare some accessories. A best case to protect Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most worth accessories that needed to be prepared before smartphone arrived. There are five officialContinue reading “Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases”