Best Power USB Hub

Nowadays, people get a lot of devices which can be charged via USB, such as iPad, iPhone, kindle and so forth. Since most of these devices need to be charged frequently, it would be convenient for people to plug them into the same place without having to look for spare outlets or computer USB ports. To do that, I strongly recommend using a USB hub, and I will introduce five of the best power USB hubs to you.


1. EasyAcc USB 2.0 7-Port Charging and Data Hub
This type of hub is favored by customers mainly for two reasons: it serves adequate ports and is space-saving. With 7 data terminals to choose from, which is enough for most people, you won’t have to seek around the house to plug your devices. Besides, with a special vertical design, this desktop hub will surely save more space of the worktable while multiple USB ports are charging simultaneously.


2. Tylt Energi 5-Port USB Charging Station
This station has five ports in total. Four of them can output up to 2.4A each. A specially designed fifth port belongs to a detachable battery pack and can output 1A, which is enough for one full charge for your smartphone. People can use it both indoor or on the move thanks to the fifth port. Besides the fifth port, there’s another surprise of this station——it has a cable management system on top, which makes it look neat even when several devices are being charged at the same time.


3. Fleck Charging Station
If you are a romantic person who is in favor of USB hubs that are cute but practical, Fleck charging station must be your type. This station is made of bamboo——quite special a design, right? Besides the unordinary material, it has an excellent structure, too. As can be seen from the picture below, smartphones can sit neatly in different spots; even an Apple Watch gets its position on the left! As to the charging ability, the ports output 2.4A, 2.1A, 2.1A, 1A and 0.5A; you can choose which port to use according to your need.


4. Choetech Fast USB Charging Station
It happens that people need to charge urgently, that is why a USB hub of fast charging ability is wanted. This station has 5 ports, with a total output up to 15A. The reason why it’s capable of fast charging is that it can recognize the device being powered and then provide the maximum appropriate power of the device. I think this is a quite smart station, why not get one to help you in time saving?


5. Vogek USB Charging Station
Two main advantages of this product are that it has up to 6 ports which can work at the same time and that it is comparatively cheap——it costs only 17 dollars. But it has some drawbacks, too. For instance, it doesn’t support fast charging. But taken together, it is still one of the best choices for USB hubs.


6. iClever BooostCube Wall Charger
The last hub to introduce is here! This kind of hub is 2.44*2.44*1.22 inches in sides, with a foldable plug and 4 USB ports, which makes it quite suitable for travelling. As to charging capacity, each port outputs 2.4A. What’s more, it can recognize the device and maximize charging efficiency since SmartID technology has been applied.


USB hubs indeed facilitate our life, especially a good one, that’s why I want to list the best of them for you. Well, all the five recommendations above are of different styles and functions, which one do you prefer?


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