Best Cell Phone Holder for the Car 2016


Nowadays, smartphone has become the indispensable tool for many car holders, not only due to its function of communication but also for the navigation function of some app in it. This kind of app is always used for free and contains abundant maps for driver’s navigation. Due to its convenience and effectiveness, smartphones have defeated a lot of car navigations and became popular among many drivers. And since you are going to use a smartphone for navigation use, cell phone holder might appear to be something essential. So, how should we choose a better one among all kinds of cell phone holders? Here are some recommendations.

EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder


When thinking about the best car cell phone holder, magnetic car mount holder maybe your first consideration. Its small shaped magnetic bracket can be conveniently used in any place in the car, which means you can take it to anyplace and causes no inconvenience. Besides, its strong magnets and 3M stickers ensure the stable fixed support to the phone, which can also keep you from the worry about the safety of your smartphone. Moreover, it is easy for the driver to adjust any angle of the phone for it is flexible to change its position. In a word, the magnetic connection can let you attach or detach in a most convenient way.

Traditional sucked cell phone holder


Sucked cell phone holder is used to fix on the front windshield of vehicle with a sucker on the base. The bracket is provided with fixed valves for a plurality of angle, which can carry out omnibearing angle adjustment.
Advantages: easy to install and can be used repeatedly.
Disadvantages: a large volume; the installed part in the front windshield would block part of the driver’s sight, affecting the safety of driving.

Air outlet type cell phone holder


With a cone clip in the back of the holder and the use of space between vent blades, it can be easily fixed on the outlet. Bracket can be stretched and rotated for individual use.
Advantages: easy to install and can be used repeatedly;
Compact; does not block the line of sight.
Disadvantages:Being critical to the air outlet shape on the air conditioning car, like arcshaped, sunken shaped, non-intensive outlet cannot be used.

Non Slip Dashboard Mat


It is made of the soft texture of PU material and can be placed in the flat area above the instrument rather than pasting on the car interior panel.
Advantages: holds the derivative function of equipping with a data line and allows you to charge while using navigation.
Disadvantages: lack of stable support when dealing with thin cell phones especially when the emergency braking happens and the cell phone will fall off easily and get damaged.


As we can see from all the above cell phone holders, the first magnetic holder may appear to be the most satisfying one for its great stable support and small convenient use. As for the people who always use their smartphone for navigation use, to get a cell phone holder can bring great convenience when taking a driver. Also, as the 3M stickers was used to fix the holder people find it difficult to remove the mark which caused by stickers. Compared with it, the other three holders may hold their merits in keeping the car clean. So, if you try to use any one of them, think about your personal preferences and needs.


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