Bluetooth 4.1: what is Bluetooth 4.1 and how can I use


Bluetooth 4.1 isn’t a new word. It was announced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in November 2013 as an update to the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Although it’s no longer news, Bluetooth 4.1 really made a great contribution to drive the ‘Internet of Things’. From fridges to toothbrushes, it seems like everything in our life can be connected through Bluetooth. The featured advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 is power saving. Compared to Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.1 made major improvements, such as catering to the connection of wearable devices and multi-devices and improvement of communication and data transmission capacity.


Bluetooth 4.1 vs Bluetooth 4.0: What is new?
1. Improved Data Transmission

Bluetooth 4.1 devices can act as both hub and end point simultaneously. This is hugely significant because it allows the host device to be cut out of the equation and for peripherals to communicate independently. This is crucial to the Internet of Things concept: peripherals become independent and can build their own networks before bringing the collation of all their data to you.

2. Simplify the device connection

Although nearly all digital devices have Bluetooth module, there are a lot of customers have the opinion that it’s complex to use Bluetooth. Some manufacturer installed NFC chips in two devices to simplify the connection operation. This is a good idea, but it is costly and not everyone wants to pay for it. Bluetooth 4.1 has improved on the connection and reconnection between devices. Two devices with Bluetooth 4.1 which have been connected before can be reconnected by put close to each other.

3. Coexistence with 4G LTE

The signals of Bluetooth and 4G LTE interfered degrading one another’s performance and draining battery life before. Bluetooth 4.1 eliminates this by coordinating its radio with 4G automatically so there is no overlap and both can perform at their maximum potential. Therefore, the transmission performance is improved.

4. Support to connect multi-devices at the same time

With Bluetooth 4.1, user can connect multi-devices to one Bluetooth device. For instance, your smartwatch can receive information gathered from smart band. Meanwhile, it can act as an output device and display messages and email received by your smartphone. Bluetooth 4.1 enable your smartwatch, Google Glass and phone become an information center.

5. Support IPv6

In addition, the problem about wearable devices are difficult to connect internet can be solved by Bluetooth 4.1. Bluetooth 4.1 standard can support private channel for IPv6 online. If your Bluetooth device isn’t able to access the internet, the device can online through IPv6 connection.

6. Backward compatibility, don’t need to replace the chips

Bluetooth 4.1 not only compatible to Bluetooth 4.0, but also no need to change chip. You can upgrade your Bluetooth to 4.1 for free by update firmware.


How can I use Bluetooth 4.1?

Actually Bluetooth 4.1 is easy to operate. The only thing you should do is to buy a Bluetooth 4.1 device.

#1 Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ensured by the latest Bluetooth 4.1, it delivers a stable connection for a consistent sound performance. Be able to connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth. If you don’t know how to connect phone to Bluetooth speaker, you may get inspiration from here. How to Connect iPhone 7 (Plus) to Bluetooth Speaker

#2 Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones


TaoTronics earbuds work with all smartphones, tablets and music players. Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology; easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices; aptX codec provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible devices.  If you don’t know how to connect phone to Bluetooth headsets, you may get inspiration from here. How to Connect Bluetooth Headset to Phone?


There are a lot of devices with Bluetooth 4.1, smartphone, car and so on. Let’s enjoy the convenience bringing by Bluetooth 4.1 and construct our own ‘Internet of things’.

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Bluetooth 4.1: what is Bluetooth 4.1 and how can I use》有2个想法


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