How to Transfer Music from Computer to SD Card?

How to Transfer Music from Computer to SD Card cover

Hello, to all readers who are reading this post, guess you may want to get an easy guide on how to transfer music from computer to SD card and you click the link to the post. I will show you the steps to realize it, what’s more, there is an extra tips at the bottom of the post. Okay, let’s begin.

Why do you transfer music to SD card?

Some electronic devices, like smartphones or mp3 players, can play music with a SD card. Of times, a SD card  will provide more space for another hundreds of songs for your small memory capacity Android devices. In brief, once the music files have been copied/transferred to the SD card, they can be played free by these devices anywhere and anytime. This is the reason why you need to transfer music to SD card.

How to transfer music from computer to SD card?


How to Transfer Music from Computer to SD Card cover

1.First, you’d better get a SD card reader. It’s a connector between your SD card and the Android devices. Before transfer the music from computer to SD card, you’d better remove the SD card physically from the Android devices if it has embedded previously. Take the SD card gently and insert it into the SD card reader. Generally speaking, there is an USB port on the SD card reader to connect the PC’s or laptop port. Sometimes, the indicators on SD card reader will twinkle to warn you that it is working now.

2.Click “Open folder to view files” when the Windows AutoPlay box pops up on your screen. It’s easy to find there is a file special for your SD card, maybe it’s G disk driver or something else. I guess you can find it.

3.Once open it, you can choose the music files which you want to transfer to the SD card and drag them into the destination drive. If you still want to keep a backup in the computer, just copy the music files after select all, then paste them to your SD card. After making sure every songs have been transferred into the SD card, you can remove your SD card from your PC’s SD card reader and insert it into Android devices or mp3 players. Don’t worried about the files on the computer, because the SD card window will automatically close on your screen, too.

4.The last step is go back to your devices and check how the music files work. In a word, if you have a SD card reader and know where to download the music files you like, it’s easy to transfer music from computer to SD card.

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How to Transfer Music from Computer to SD Card?》有3个想法

  1. How to solve the problems above so as to perform the data transfer from computer to SD card smoothly? You can depend on the Coolmuster Android Assistant, which is a professional yet easy-to-use Android data manager to help you transfer music from computer to SD card .

  2. The most traditional way to move music from computer to SD card is to use the built-in File Explorer on your Windows computer. If you select this means, you can complete the transmission by copying and pasting- copy the songs on computer and then paste them onto your device.

    To effectively and effortlessly move the music from computer to SD card, you are strongly suggested to make use of a third-party software- MobiKin Assistant for Android . With it, you can transfer songs between computer and SD card safely.

  3. it didn’t answer my question: how ho I mo
    hre my music to an sd card in the computer.

    in other words. how do I move music from the computer to my phone.


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