How to Use Calendar on iPhone Effectively


People’s life, nowadays, seems much busier than before for filling with a lot of work. The pursuit of speed and effectiveness ask people to live in a more logical way, which means a clear and proper schedule management should be set. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why iPhone comes with a default calendar app. Most of people know the calendar as a time and date alerting tool. Practically, your iPhone calendar app allows you to set not only your default calendar, but to customize many other settings that change how your calendar events behave.
Here, let’s find its basic and hidden functions from which you may benefit a lot.


Create Calendar Events from E-mail
IOS Mail can add events to your calendar tentatively on its own, and let you add them swiftly from e-mails as well. To create a calendar event from a time and date mentioned in an e-mail from iPhone Mail you need:
1. Tap the date or time underlined in blue in the e-mail message.
2. Select Create Event from the menu that comes up.
3. Verify the starting time and date, and add an event title as well as other details as needed.
4. Tap add.
By this way, you’re not likely to miss some important e-mails.


Set time zone as you need
Those who use calendar for iOS and who also happen to travel between time zones can enable Time Zone support in the Calendar Settings. This allows setting a specific time zone for any events, alleviating much of the potential confusion. Following the steps to get your destination:
1. Open settings and go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
2. Scroll down to the “Calendars” section and tap on “Time Zone Support”.
3. Flip the switch to ON and set the default Time Zone.
With this setting on, the events show according to the time zone that has been chosen in your calendar, which makes your travel more convenient. However, the default setting of calendar makes sense for most users while the time zone support is ideal for individuals who frequently cross time zones.


Use Calendar App with Siri
With the help of Siri, your Calendar would be more effective and your daily life would be more interesting. Ever since the integration of Siri in iOS devices, this app has become all the more useful and exciting. As your personal assistant, Siri can carry out many tasks that you give. It means you can check your schedule without using your fingers. You will find that using Calendar App with Siri is an amazing experience as you can smoothly create a Calendar event, update and cancel the event, and finally view and check Calendar with the help of Siri. To do so, you just need several steps:
1. Summon Siri on your iPhone
2. Command Siri to do what you want her to do—change or update your event and so on.
Following Siri’s step, you will find what you want.


Use Calendar with Family Share
One of the biggest headaches for many families is coordinating schedules. Luckily, Family Sharing can help you make sure everyone’s where they need to be, when they need to be there. To use calendar with Family Sharing, you just need:
1. Launch the Calendar app which you’ve enabled and set up Family Sharing already.
2. Create or choose an event that you’d like to appear on the Family Calendar.
3. Choose the Calendar labeled Family.
4. Fill out and save your event.
Then, everyone that’s in your Family Sharing group will see anything that is added to the family calendar via the Calendar app so that everyone can stay on top of who needs to be where and when.


Add location to Calendar to get suggestions
When you create a new event in the Calendar you can specify a location and calendar will display it on a map, so you can get your directions quickly. The reason why you will want to add a location is that Calendar will give you an idea of how long it will take you to get there, and then you can decide to get there by walking or driving. With this suggestion, you can save much time, sometimes.


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