Best free social app for iPhone


Nobody likes spending money if they can avoid it – even those who’ve just spent a fortune on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. And under the big information stage, almost everyone will use a kind of social app for the communication with friends, colleagues, families, etc. So what kind of app can best fit many of our tastes and convenient our daily communication? Here I will guide you to the best free social and communication app.


Reddit is a social news site, which firstly established by two graduates of University of Virginia. The redditors can browse the Internet and publish his original composition or reply. It also has a discussion forum for users to discuss whether what is presented is agreeable and vote for the favorable points.You’ll see the latest news, trends and memes available to browse, search and discover within the app’s clean, easy-to-use interface.


It is a social networking site which can be used for sending pictures, words, videos, maps and audio media messages. In addition to these, users can also share their locations to others by using it. Now it is widely used by people who claim that they are over 13 years old.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends had a pleasant make-over following the release of iOS 7, and those still interested in stalking their friends, checking up on their wife’s whereabouts will find it as useful as ever. Find My Friends is also very helpful to our parents. Parents can install the application in their children’s iPhone, and ensure that the child does not close the application. By doing this parents can track their child’s location, which can ensure the safety of the children in a great extent.


If you’re reliant on Google’s mail service the Gmail is an obvious one to try. It contains the built-in Google search technology and provides storage space of more than 15G. It enables the permanently conservation of important emails, documents and pictures. You can search whatever you want quickly and easily find any new content.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook’s light and flexible mobile email app supports nearly every email account you might have, includes an integrated calendar, and provides a Focused inbox that shows you only important messages.By the way, it is free at iTunes Store.


Compared with the above App, WeChat has its special function of using money. It can be used in giving and receiving money from people in your Buddy List. You can use the money to pay the telephone bill, buy train tickets, call a taxi, etc.Still, it owns the function of sending words, pictures, electronic records and video to your Buddy List members.
All of these apps are different from each other and have their own merits. If you are a social net-working lover you can choose Facebook and WeChat. If the social news is more attractive for you then Reddit may be your proper choice. As for the parents who want to ensure their children’s safety, Find My Friends can be the best choice. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are suitable for office worker of their email use.


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