What Is IOS 10?

This month earlier Apple has unleashed the iOS 10 system onto the public according to appointment. According to the official introduction of Apple, the capacity of the new version is 1.1G, which is important for the history of the release, and the function done a real big update.

What Is IOS 10 1 

Statistics show that the iOS 10 for upgraded equipment:

What Is IOS 10 2

Which means the mainstream Apple devices can be upgraded. So you can get hands on upgrading your Apple product at the first time if you are interested in the iOS 10. Here are the features you can check out first before upgrade.

Expressive Messages

What Is IOS 10 3

Apple spent lots of time on updating messages. There is a ton of stuff in the new message of iOS 10. Emojis appear three times larger than before in the dialog,and they can appear in your predictions list. If there are multiple emoji  to choose from, you can select the one you want. Tapping the emoji again could return it to a word, so you can choose emojis or words conveniently.

If you want to send a message or image  with a disappearing or other effect, it’s easy for the iOS 10 messages. Just do a long press on the send key in messages to select different kinds of effects you like.

You can also send a handwritting messages. Just turn your Apple product to landscape mode in messages, then you can write messages out with your fingertip. It’s a special way to show your affection with your own touch.

Moreover, rich links can show photos and video when you paste a URL. GIFs also can be sent in messages. If you want to pay friends by Apple Pay, also right in the massages.

Smarter Siri

What Is IOS 10 4

Siri of iOS 10 has finally been opened to developers, it’s also a good news to users. You can ask siri to use third-party apps. It’s rapid to request an Uber or Lyft by siri. Make sure you say the third-party app in your command. Example:“Get me a Lyft to SFO.”

Improved Maps

What Is IOS 10 5

Many people are fans of google maps. Now Apple is making a big try to catch up with google. The new maps in iOS 10 has a new look. It provides you easy way to reach the destination. When you select a destination, you can quickly see your direction options whether you are driving ,walking or taking other public transportation. It also can help you book reservations or a ride.

Naive Apps

What Is IOS 10 6

Are you OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder) ? Do you hate the naive apps take up icons on your home screen? You don’t have to see the stock apps on your home screen again with iOS 10. iOS 10 gives you the option to delete naive icons. Apple  has pointed out that naive apps’ main functionalities remain even if they have been removed from the home screen, so that you don’t need to worry about the crash of iOS 10. You can upload these apps from the App Store without a doubt if you want to use them again.

Set Bedtime

What Is IOS 10 7

On the iOS 10, your Apple product can tell you the time to go to bed and the time you could wake up after a consistently sleep which leads you to a better rest. You can pick how many hours of sleep you need to get a bedtime reminder. This new feature will encourage you developing a health sleep schedule.

There are much more I didn’t write out, brave enough to test the iOS 10 for yourself?

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