How to increase iPhone 7 battery life Properly?


If you are familiar with Apple events, you would not be surprised that Apple didn’t mention certain things about iPhone 7 battery capacity. Apple only talked about how much the battery performance had been improved as it always did. It is said that iPhone 7 had increased battery capacity around 14% larger than iPhone 6s. 


Practically everyone knows, smartphone batteries are often poorly chosen by the designer to save manufacturing costs. One way to increase iPhone 7 battery life is to use the phone little to minimize power consumption. This is probably not why you bought it in the first place though. 

Battery life gets better with every release, but it’s still a far way from a full day’s charge. Here are a number of power-saving tweaks on how to increase iPhone 7 battery life. 

#1 Turn on Low Power Mode

It is said that when Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery life will last 1 hour longer than the normal mode. However, it will reduce the brightness and shut down the effects in iPhone 7 or apps.


#2 Limit apps from draining power in the background

Apps that refresh in the background with the latest data can churn up valuable data and power, even when you’re not using them. Limit Background Apps doesn’t mean quit apps frequently (double-tap the Home Button and swipe up on the app you want to close). When you close an app you take it out of RAM, this means that when you open it again the iPhone has to load it back into memory and consume more power.


#3 Check out which App is killing your iPhone 7 battery

Go to Settings > General > Battery and scroll down to see which of your apps were the biggest battery drainer in the past 24 hours, or last 7 days. If you barely use it, uninstall it directly.


#4 Keep Wifi and Bluetooth on unless you need to use them

Under the swipe-up Control Center, tap the Wi-Fi button(second in from the left) off, and the Bluetooth button(middle) also off. 


#5 Disable location related service

When you need to use GPS or map service, don’t forget to turn the GPS off after mission’s accomplished.

apple ios 8 tracking

#6 Keep iPhone 7 within the ideal operating temperature

Aside from the direct power-cycling aspect, you can perhaps help it by keeping the phone at room temperature. This actually means that when heat is generated, such as in active use, the phone is better off in a colder area to avoid instant temperature drop-down. Overheat will affect iPhone 7 battery life in a very bad way, stop using it when it starts to get hot.


#7 Charge iPhone 7 properly

In order to expand the iPhone 7 battery lifespan until it has to be disposed of, you need to know how to charge iPhone 7. Always apply good cable, charger to charge your iPhone 7, if you need to charge on move, choose a high-quality power bank to match.






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