Review: How Does iPhone 7 AirPods Perform So Far

The pretty AirPod Comes with iPhone 7

It is hard to decide if it is worth to buy the AirPods for iPhone 7. But still, the time will change to wireless Bluetooth headphone time step by step. We will finally change to wireless headphones. Well, is it a smart choice to one of the first group to try AirPods?

The pretty AirPod Comes with iPhone 7

AirPods are small and light. AirPods comes with a small and cute box, which is the charger for AirPods. The AirPods case has a lightning port in the bottom to charge itself. When open the lid of case, you will see a tiny light in middle of two AirPods. The green light means AirPods is fully charged.  

It is pretty easy to pair AirPods to iPhone 7. They get connected by getting close to each other when the lid of the AirPods case is opened. Also, there is a small bottom on the back. This is for initial pairing or for pairing the AirPods to devices except iPhone 7. So, it is definitely OK to use AirPods to old generation iPhone or Android phones.

AirPods are pretty smart. They will send you a tone to notice that they know they are in your ear and ready to work. There isn’t any key on the earbuds, and Siri will be activate after you wake it up by double tapping. It will help and do want you want, such as starting play music and adjusting volume.

For those people who tried the AirPods for the first time. They said it is very light and cute that won’t bear your head. As a wireless headphone, it really saves times to untangle cables. People guess AirPods are easy to lose, but as Cooker said, it is comfortable and will stay in your ears. It is convenient to answer calls or listen to music, but as a headphone, it may not be as brilliant as people image in sound quality.

In conclusion, AirPods has Pros and Cons.

Pros Cons
Dead-simple to set up EarPods-inspired design not for everyone
Siri and calls work very well Controls aren’t flexible enough
Solid battery Mediocre audio quality


AirPods performs pretty good as a wireless headphone for smartphone for all the convenience it shows, but, considering its price, the sound quality may need to be improved a lot. As the first generation, Apple stays ahead of other competitors in many function, it still not reaches users’ expectation. However, if you are an Apple fan, you may already have a pair of it instead of watching this article. 



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