How to Deal with Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Problem?

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After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, more and more people complained the battery problems. However, low battery life and overheating are always the main problem.

How to deal with the battery overheating problem?

  1. Do not Charge Your Samsung Galaxy S5 in Hot Area.

Usually, we do not care about the external temperature while placing a phone in that place for charging. But finding a place with normal temperature is so important to charge our phone. The temperature will rise when you are charging, which is completely normal but overheating may result into bursting your battery. So, take proper care of your battery and it will lower phone’s temperature.

  1. Buy Original Parts

Considering the price, many people choose to buy inferior quality batteries instead of original one. But, these low-quality batteries  will cause  the overheating issue which can ultimately damage your phone. So, make sure to buy only original parts from official suppliers.

  1. Remove These Apps

If you have any Applications that tend to save/improve battery, RAM or CPU Like “Battery Saver Apps, “Clean Master”, “CPU Boaster”, “Antivirus” etc. you should remove these kinds of apps. It had been reported that these apps cause a lot of problems with overheating and interfere with other core services of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to deal with the low battery life problem?

Customers have reportedly made complaints that the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be associated with a low battery life. When left on standby, the Galaxy S5 is expected to last up to only 10 hours.

  1. Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Do not turn on GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth at the same time. Most people have all these features turned on at the same time which consumes a lot of the CPU usage thus result in low battery life.

  1. Use a Black Wallpaper

S5 has a Super AMOLED screen . You can probably see where this is going: if you have an AMOLED display then you can save some battery life by using black wallpapers, or generally darker wallpapers and themes.

Our friends did a little experiment and figured out that you can save about 6 percent battery life an hour at 20 percent brightness by using a black wallpaper on an AMOLED display.

Last but not least, before you buy S5, you should make sure the phone has original parts and you’d better buy the phone only from official suppliers. All of these tips are very effective and will help you regarding overheating and low battery life issues on your S5. Also, if you always use these methods, it will help you to get the best performance of your phone.

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