Best GoPro accessories for travel 2018

GoPro is the world’s best-selling action camera. It can be taken anywhere and attached to almost anything. Whether you are a professional videographer, photographer or simply someone enjoy the convenience of a small camera. GoPro has opened up new possibilities thanks to the help of innovative accessories. Therefore, it’s important to choose the proper accessoriesContinue reading “Best GoPro accessories for travel 2018”

What’s In My Camera Bag

Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope it’s still Friday when I post this…probably not. That’s fine. So I decided I’d make my book haul post next week. Sorry. I felt like doing this photography camera bag haul post first. So I recently went on a trip to Calgary and I hauled along my camera bag.Continue reading “What’s In My Camera Bag”

10 Tips for Spring Break on a Budget

Money is tight. So just because you are living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to stay home for Spring Break this year. Going to best spring break destinations just like Phuket doesn’t have to be an occasion to break the bank. If you’re vigilant about saving money, you can have a great trip andContinue reading “10 Tips for Spring Break on a Budget”

The best EasyAcc gear for travel in Ireland

The prize mentioned in the Star Wars is EasyAcc ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank. Ultra slim and super lightweight, it’s quite good for commuters. Meanwhile, our 20000mAh quick charge Power Bank is recommended to you if you are planning a travel to Ireland.   Here are some pictures from a journey in Ireland by our tester. Continue reading “The best EasyAcc gear for travel in Ireland”

New Gadget from EasyAcc Relief Your Adventure Traveling

What do you do when you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have an outlet or an external battery? Answer: Use your solar Charger, now you can  Win a free solar charger at EasyAcc. Solar Charger seem to be disregarded as futuristic, complex and expensive gadgets for geeks with stacks of cash to burn. That’s notContinue reading “New Gadget from EasyAcc Relief Your Adventure Traveling”

10 best sleeping bags for backpacking

Warm, cosy sleeping bags can take up a lot of backpack-room when you’re travelling, so we’ve hunted for the smallest, most lightweight and portable bags we could find – leaving you with way more room to stuff the fun things in your luggage, but still keeping you snug at night. We’ve found summer-ready lightweight sacksContinue reading “10 best sleeping bags for backpacking”

Three-in-one compass, flashlight and power bank outdoor product

According to most feedback,  those rugged outdoor style stuffs are so popular in tech geeks. Not because they go and do outdoor type stuff most of the time but because they’re more resilient and more rugged and less apt to break easily. Something like an outdoor power bank is nice to take for a outdoor activity. Here the battery is rugged and durableContinue reading “Three-in-one compass, flashlight and power bank outdoor product”

What’s the best portable powerful pack for a long trip?

Where are you now? During a cozy and joyful trip, you may read this article on a deck chair by the sea or check it in the car with a portable and smart tablet. No matter what circumstance it is, are you a little worried about being tedious when all the electronic devices are powerContinue reading “What’s the best portable powerful pack for a long trip?”