New Gadget from EasyAcc Relief Your Adventure Traveling

What do you do when you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have an outlet or an external battery?

Answer: Use your solar Charger, now you can  Win a free solar charger at EasyAcc.

Solar Charger seem to be disregarded as futuristic, complex and expensive gadgets for geeks with stacks of cash to burn. That’s not the case for the EasyAcc solar Charger, which is as simple as putting the Charger in the sun and plugging your phone in.


easyacc solar panel review


The EasyAcc Solar Charger can be folded to save space and is lightweight, weighing 12 ounces. It’s really something you would want to travel with if you have extra space and are planning on doing long treks or traveling to places without electricity. In this day and age, electricity on demand is crucial since you’re going to need it if you use a phone, camera and pretty much everything.

I feel stupid to admit this, but when I first received the solar Charger, I had no idea how to use it. It’s not that I didn’t understand how the solar Charger worked, it’s that I thought the output cable for charging USBs was meant to be plugged into a socket, rather than it being the socket.

               EasyAcc solar panel folded                                                                    

The USB of your phone or tablet’s charger is meant to be plugged into the sole socket of the solar Charger.

Eventually I got it sorted out.Here are some of the pros and cons that I’ve listed out for the EasyAcc solar Charger:





  • Lightweight and Foldable
  • Charges USB powered devices
  • Charges anywhere where there is strong sunlight
  • Able to charge an iPad
  • Inexpensive, $27 on

Most comparable solar panels cost much more than the EasyAcc Charger, like the Goal Zero solar panels. They probably just have nicer packaging. (Well I’m actually not sure since I haven’t tried the Goal Zero panels out.)

The Charger has a single output cable for charging your USB powered devices. It also weighs 12 ounces, making it easy to carry around in your backpack. If the sunlight is strong enough, you may be able to charge an iPad. For more efficiency, make sure your Charger faces the sunlight directly.


solar panel


Experiences of charging my iPhone 4s  with the Charger in New York

Noon: full, strong and hot sunlight from directly above – 50% in 40 mins

Evening: still bright outside, outside temperature mid 60s, sun shining from an almost 90° angle – 1% of battery in 12 minutes

Night: dark outside – 0% of battery in ∞ minutes

Indoors – artificial light on, no natural light – 0% of battery in ∞ minutes

Inside a car – from the passenger seat of a tinted windowed car, full, strong and hot sunlight outside – 1% of battery in around 30 minutes

So to sum it up: if it’s a cloudy day, or if you’re indoors – fugetaboutit. But if you’re living in a place where strong sunlight is in abundance, like Arizona, you’ll be able to charge your electronics with no problem.

It simply wasn’t worth it to try charging my phone from inside a car with tinted windows because during the time I was trying to charge my phone via Solar Charger in a car my phone actually lost battery. Maybe if you strapped the EasyAcc solar Charger to the roof of your car or if you tried it without tinted windows you’d get better results.



easyacc charging ipad2

With newer phones like the iPhone 6, you should expect longer charging times than of those of my iPhone 4s, because the 6 has a larger capacity battery than the 4s. The same applies for tablets. I’ve tried charging an iPad 2 with the solar Charger and it charges fine  albeit slowly.I won’t go into detail about the numbers and specs of the EasyAcc, but I’ve listed some of the information I’ve found from the manufacture.


Tech Specs (according to the manufacturer):


  • Cell Type:Monocrystalline
  • Provides up to 5V
  • Efficiency: 18%
  • Size when folded: 7.5 X 7.5 X 7.5 in
  • Weight: 12 oz

You don’t need to understand any of the technicalities in order to use the Charger.



  • EasyAcc panel attached to REI Flash 18 backpack

Requires optimal conditions in order to charge

As I mentioned earlier about my experiences when using the EasyAcc solar Charger, if you don’t have strong sunlight, you will have a hard time trying to charge your electronics.

In order to truly have energy on demand, it would make more sense to charge an external battery with the solar Charger rather than your phone directly. Therefore you could charge your phone using the battery any time you need it. This Charger does not come with a battery pack, however EasyAcc sells several external batteries of varying capacities.

This Charger is ok to be used during a drizzle, but if it’s raining hard out, I would put the solar Charger away. It wouldn’t be able to charge anything if it were raining and cloudy anyways. For it’s price the EasyAcc Charger exceeded my expectations, so I’m not going to freak out about these minor gripes.

 The Verdict:

The EasyAcc solar Charger is an easy to use and lightweight solar Charger, perfect for adventure travelers and campers going off the grid. Just make sure you have an ample amount of sunlight, and you’ll be good to go. 


Tips: If you have something to add to this story please share and make a comments.

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