The best EasyAcc gear for travel in Ireland

Power Bank for travelling

The prize mentioned in the Star Wars is EasyAcc ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank. Ultra slim and super lightweight, it’s quite good for commuters. Meanwhile, our 20000mAh quick charge Power Bank is recommended to you if you are planning a travel to Ireland.


Here are some pictures from a journey in Ireland by our tester. 

You should always go off-the-grid when you travel! However, running out of battery can be an inconvenient or even a real problem sometimes. That is why you should always pack a good powerbank in your bag! @easyaccofficial were kind enough to send one my way, and honestly, it saved my ass in Ireland, since I forgot to take an adapter! So there’s my tips of the day, always plan, but since you can’t plan for everything, always be prepared!             From wanderreds


Travel Power Bank

Power Bank for travelling

Power Bank




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