How to charge your new iPad Pro faster

The new generation of iPad Pro was finally released as scheduled, not only with the comprehensive screen design of removing the HOME button, but also with the face ID function without notch, and also equipped with Apple’s most powerful chip A12X bionics to date. Apple claims iPad Pro 2018 is so strong that many laptopsContinue reading “How to charge your new iPad Pro faster”

How to use Huawei Mate 20 Pro wirelessly charging other devices

When we are still talking which new-released phone supports wireless charging, Huawei has jumped into the area of wireless charging other devices and spread the concept of reverse charging. So it means Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be used as a wireless charger, it sounds really cool right? Let’s check out how does it workContinue reading “How to use Huawei Mate 20 Pro wirelessly charging other devices”

Why the iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch?

Apple wrote a long page to introduce its 3D Touch technology since it was applied in its iPhone 6S in 2015. Now, three years after, the 3D Touch didn’t get improved and not as popular as former Multi Touch did. The cheaper iPhone XR even phases 3D Touch out its specs, replacing with Haptic Touch.Continue reading “Why the iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch?”

Best MacBook Air Accessories 2018

If you’re ready to take back the MacBook Air 2018, there would some additional but essential accessories you need to buy to make it even better. Whether you’re looking for a way to protect it, or want to connect even more accessories to it, or expect it to have a longer battery life, you’ll findContinue reading “Best MacBook Air Accessories 2018”

Best Docking Station for Macbook Air 2018

Finally, Apple removed all legacy ports from MacBook Air and updated it with only two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, along with a headphone jack. Though USB-C has its prevailing advantages, its peripherals aren’t still common yet. Lucky for MacBook Pro USB-C models, there opens up a lot of peripherals options on the market. Docking stationContinue reading “Best Docking Station for Macbook Air 2018”

Does iPhone XS and XR have Headphone Jack?

Better cameras, longer battery life, all Face ID and stronger processor, these are the new iPhone XS , XS Max and XR have brought to us this year. And unsurprisingly, the headphone jack is missed out in the new iPhones as usual. It has been removed since the iPhone 7 in 2016 and would neverContinue reading “Does iPhone XS and XR have Headphone Jack?”

Does iPhone XS Support Dual SIM?

From the launching event of Apple on Sep. 12, we know clearly that it supports dual SIM on both XS and XS Max. I believe that this will be popular among consumers, especially those from China, as the majority of Chinese people are habituated to use two SIM cards, with one for private contact andContinue reading “Does iPhone XS Support Dual SIM?”

Which Phone is Better: iPhone XS Max Or Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

September has been a big occasion for Apple just like Christmas to most western people. As one of the giant leading in the mobile phone industry, its new devices’ launching event is always breaking news for consumers. Compared to Apple, another giant leading in Android phone industry is Samsung which just announced its galaxy noteContinue reading “Which Phone is Better: iPhone XS Max Or Samsung Galaxy Note 9?”

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best phone of 2018?

Before the launching event of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, many voices came to the negative side due to the similar design to the Galaxy Note 8, clumsy Bixby, high price and slow Android updates. However, when it comes to the real hands-on, most reviewers have changed their mind. Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 really underestimated?Continue reading “Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best phone of 2018?”

How to Quick Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wirelessly

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was landed on August 9 with a similar design as Note 8 and eye-watering price starting around $1000. Yet, it is a beast of spec featured a 6.4inch display, dual rear cameras, fingerprint sensor in the back, and a remarkable 4000mAh battery. The redesigned battery of 4000mAh capacity is much largerContinue reading “How to Quick Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wirelessly”