How to fast charge iPad Mini 5

Apple silently released the 5th generation of iPad mini earlier this month, it’s equipped with the powerful A12 Bionic chip, a 7.9-inch retina display with true tone. Moreover, you can use Apple pencil on it, it seems that it has integrated the new iPad features as many as possible. However, as a charging enthusiast, I care moreContinue reading “How to fast charge iPad Mini 5”

How to quick charge Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has launched the new flagship Galaxy S10 / S10+/ S10e for a week, according to the feedback from the press reporters and influencers on-line Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a really good rate. Before the official announcement, rumors predicted that Samsung Galaxy S10 would have faster battery charging speed than its predecessors, when we allContinue reading “How to quick charge Samsung Galaxy S10”

Does Samsung Galaxy S10 have IR blaster

Like the headphone jack, many phone makers have ditched the IR blaster altogether, like Samsung and LG, while Apple has never included IR blaster on any iPhone, so the smartphones with IR blaster have become quite rare on the current market. Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated 10th-anniversary flagship – the Galaxy S10 series, sinceContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S10 have IR blaster”

Does Samsung Galaxy S10 need screen protector

If you have felt bored about Samsung phones, that’s about to change a day after. Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup is undoubtedly the most anticipating phone in this season, the outstanding camera features, ultrasonic fingerprint reader and possible 5G connectivity are among the advanced changes. Is there something staying the same as its predecessor? Yes, the curvedContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S10 need screen protector”

Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to keep the headphone jack

A couple of months ago South Korean media reported that Samsung was seriously considering removing the headphone jack from the flagships in 2019, which suggested that the upcoming Galaxy S10 might be the next one without the 3.5mm port. Is it true? Samsung’s latest phone – Samsung Galaxy A8s is the first flagship with anContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to keep the headphone jack”

How to prolong Google Pixel 3 XL’s battery life

Google Pixel has been regarded as the camera king since its debut, this year the new Pixel 3 XL launched with excellent camera as always, great A.I. features, fingerprint-free rear glass design and a really ugly notch. Since the Pixel 3 was widely criticized with the short battery life, what about the Pixel 3 XL?Continue reading “How to prolong Google Pixel 3 XL’s battery life”

Why My DJI Osmo Pocket Keeps Getting an Overheating Error

DJI Osmo Pocket is the first ever 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal. As its name suggests, it is the smallest and most portable camera in the market so far which can fit in the palm of your hand and be slide into your pocket. With its powerful ability to shoot 4K videos, DJI Osmo Pocket isContinue reading “Why My DJI Osmo Pocket Keeps Getting an Overheating Error”

Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better

In this case, size does matter, and smaller is better! In this post, we explain how smaller charge cables are spatially efficient, save you time, and work better for charging on the go. Nobody likes that feeling when you’ve left for the airport already and we can’t help but think that you’ve left something importantContinue reading “Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better”

Is USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 the same?

In the near future there might be a one-size-fits-all solution for charging and data-transferring, as more and more manufacturers tend to embrace USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports on their laptops and other devices, like the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air 2018. Do you exactly know what is USB-C and Thunderbolt 3? Is USB Type-C andContinue reading “Is USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 the same?”

How long does it take to fully charge new MacBook Air 2018

Apple introduced a completely new design on its new MacBook Air 2018, 13” screen size, retina display with slimmer bezel, 2 thunderbolt 3/ USB-C ports, up to 16GB RAM, up to 1.5TB of SSD storage space, and starts from astonishing $1,199. Wait, It seems like MacBook Air 2018 is approaching to a higher level close to MacBookContinue reading “How long does it take to fully charge new MacBook Air 2018”