Solar Phone Charger: 5 Key Things to Know Before You Buy

solar phone charger

solar phone charger

Have you ever experienced that your phone battery died when you away from home? This is annoying and frustrating.
Due to technological advances in society, our smartphone is becoming lighter, smaller and more intelligent. So that smartphones are getting easier to use. Growth in the use of mobile phones is primarily driven by social media, surfing and app downloads, keep your smartphones and other devices in power at all-time becomes necessary.
Fortunately, there are a lot of gadgets in market, like portable power bank, car charger, and solar phone charger which provide us lightning speed communication with convenience.
For this reason that many companies has introduced Solar Phone Charger into the market.

What is Solar Phone Charger?

You retrieve your Solar Phone Charger, and plug the USB cable from the charger into your mobile phone, flip the charger over so that its small solar panel faces sky. Find your mobile phone signal, place your phone in a comfort stump, kick back and wait.


solar phone charger

Wow, that’s “Solar Phone Charger Time”, you can both read a book and enjoy sunshine.
Obviously, Solar Phone Charger, just as its name implies; Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. You can install public solar chargers for your mobile phones permanently in public places like streets, park or even squares.

Convenient, enjoyable, energy-saving = Solar Phone Charger

Why Use A Solar Phone Charger?

solar phone charger
As a matter of fact, not only Solar Phone Charger can provides your phone with power, but also it saves the cost of buying multiple charging cords. There`s no needs to place a charging cable at anywhere you stay at all.


Tips On Choosing A Solar Phone Charger


solar phone charger

Your personal requirements determine what types of Solar Phone Charger that suits you best. I compiled some of the key factors for your reference when select a preferable Solar Phone Charger.

 Charging Capacity
Different devices have different functionality; most of them are charged directly from battery, not all of them have the same relationship with the panel. So the battery size, type and the overall output for each device are as important as the panel.

 Solar Panel Details
Efficiency is a good indicator of quality.
Physically, the panel efficiency in part depends on the type of solar panel uses. Most of the Solar Chargers for mobile phones on the market are the first-generation crystalline silicon. It’s doing great at generating electricity, even in low-sunlight conditions.

 Portability
One of the main factor to buy a Solar Phone Charger is the Portability.
Your device is much larger than your cell phone for your everyday use. That’s not a good. But it is great for your phone charging. Because the bigger Solar Phone Charger are designed around durability with metal frames, thick panels and environmentally recycled materials.
Be careful with the cheaper ones with big capacity. Many time s you get what you pay for.

 After Sales Service
How long is the product’s warranty? How to contact customer service if you have any after-sales issues?
Well, it’s important to know the seller’s after sales service rules before you buy it. The more product information available you know, the better after sales service you will have. Just in case!

Disadvantages of Solar Phone Chargers:
The biggest disadvantage is that your solar powered charger can’t continue to work on a cloudy or overcast day, obviously. Because, it needs direct sun in order to store enough in the battery to work efficiently.


Solar Phone Charger Best Buy
I have found several great sources for a Solar Phone Chargers and give it our highest recommendations!

1: EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Power Bank Outdoor Portable Charger

solar phone charger best buy

The EasyAcc Solar Power Bank is a combination of a solar-powered light and a solar cell phone charger. The internal battery fully charged after 8 hours of sunlight. This battery can be used to deliver about 40 hours of light, more if the light is kept on low intensity or the battery can fully charge a cell phone in about 2 hours and still have enough juice left over to give 10 hours of light.

2: Brunton Explorer 2

solar phone charger best buy

If you are going for a day hike with only a small pack, the Brunton Explorer would be your best choices.
The Explorer 2 is a true go-anywhere solar charger. It weight under a pound and folds down to a compact 4.5 by 9.5 inches. It charges directly but only has one USB output- great for most handheld devices, if for larger items you may need a separate power system.

3: Wenger Solar Charger Standard


solar phone charger best buy

The Wenger Solar Charger Standard is not only lightweight but also versatile, with only 17 ounces.
The unit comes with a set of straps, so if you are hiking, you can lash it to your pack and charge while on te move. At 10 by 6.7 inches, the charger will fit just about anywhere.

4: EasyAcc Solar Charger 2-Port USB with 15W High-Efficiency SunPower Solar Panel

solar phone charger best buy

It has 2 lighting panels which effectively collect and make the best use f sunlight. Besides it’s compatible with almost any smart device with an input of DC 5V including Smartphones, PSP, Bluetooth speaker & headphones Google Glass, and MP3 / MP4 players. Folded (size: 7.5 inch) and lightweight (weight: 12 oz.) design make it ultra-easy to use outdoor.

5: Gomadic SunVolt

solar phone charger best buy

Size matters. The SunVolt is large, which is both good and bad. At 13 by 12 inches, the panel is powerful but heavy (4.3 pounds). Given its size, you’d expect the SunVolt to charge rapidly, and it does. It took a half-charged iPhone 4S to a full charge in an hour. It’s so powerful that you can charge two devices at once. The bad news is that it’s too large to be considered for backpacking excursions. It comes in a carry case, which makes it easy to transport, and it conveniently folds so you can angle it toward the sun. There is no internal battery for nighttime charging, but you can buy one separately ($40).

How To DIY A Solar Phone Charger?
Many people may found that the Solar Phone Charger are unaffordable,considering it`s increasing prices. However you could still make one by yourself. Now I will give you some tips regarding DIY your own Solar Phone Charger

Firstly the materials needed are as follows:


solar phone charger DIY-

1: 6V Mini Solar Panel
2: Torn Apart 12v USB Charger Circuit (2 amps – iPod Compatible)
3: Your Phone’s Charger Cable (interchangeable)
4: Your Smartphone (for testing)
5: Flexible and Foldable Plastic Card (for stand)

1: 30W Soldering Iron
2: Hot Glue Gun
3: Leatherman Multi-tool

Secondly, set up the USB charger circuit.
It’s an important process to make a qualified Solar Phone Charger, so be careful in every detail steps.
1: Dissemble a 12V High Power USB Charger.
2: Cut the wires, shorten enough to he mounted on the solar panel.
3: Solder the charger circuit to the solar panel.
4: Use a hot glue gun to mount the charger to the solar panel.
5: Be sure that the USB port is not protruding and the circuit should not touch any other leads on the panel.

Finally, just enjoy your DIY “Solar Phone Charger Time”
Now you are free. Actually, before DIY it, you can find some interchangeable USB charger cable for Apple 30 pin, Micro USB, Mini USB, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia. You can find them in any store.
You can carry your own DIY Solar phone charger to Camping, hiking and backpacking or anywhere. It’s would be a perfect survival kit since sunlight never runs out. Anyway, just have a good time!


solar phone charger


Thinking about Solar energy and portable electronics, Solar Phone Charger is really an amazing invention and a wonderful combination. The idea of portable solar gear that use free solar energy off-grid or produced during an outage, is pretty amazing. And it’s now possible to harness everything you need to live and play off the grid in comfort including solar refrigerators, solar lighters and fire starters, solar rechargers, lights and more. Not only for convenient but also recyclable
When you’re traveling and hiking or doing just about anything outdoors, it’s nice to have a reliable Solar Phone Charger to keep your devices battery live.
At last we sincerely thanks for your patience to read such a long pages, if you have any great ideas or suggestions, please feel free to tell us. We’d like to hear your opinions or product recommendations. Just comment below!

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  1. Does it matter if the solar power bank gets very hot from sitting in the sun. It’s 40 degrees where I am


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