How To Make A Phone Case To A Selfie Stick?

STIKBOX , The first full-length  built into a phone case! 

If you’re too embarrassed to be seen carrying a selfie stick, but don’t have enough pride to write them off altogether, there’s a new iPhone case made with you in mind. Meet StikBox, the first selfie stick case for your iPhone. Because why carry two things when you can just carry one?

How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-12 How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-11 How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-10 How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-09


The case is just 0.6-inches deep, and the backside holds the collapsed aluminum sections of a 28.3-inch-long selfie stick. When you need it, just pull it out, swivel your phone, adjust the angle, and shoot.

                                How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-13                        How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-14                          How-To-Make-A-Phone-Case-To-A-Selfie-Stick-15 
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