How to Take a Selfie Like a Model


Posting a selfie on the social media has been a common and popular action nowadays. People want to show their perfect image to others. However, not all people know how to take a good-looking selfie. You may notice that there is one of your friends who always makes a duck face or pose a V gesture in the selfies. With everyone being so selfie obsessed, there is necessary to learn some skills of taking selfies. There are some tips of taking a selfie like a model.

ale-selfie-take- a-selfie-like-a-model

Get a Selfie Stick firstly

First and most important thing is get a selfie stick. When you take a selfie holding your phone in hand, there will be two kinds of result, a photo including your big face or your strong arm. If you stretch your arm as far as possible so as to present the most beautiful outline of your face, it can’t be avoided that your arm will appear in this selfie and show its strongest look. It’s OK to hide your arm by putting the phone close to your face, and then the picture will be filled with a big face. With a high-quality selfie stick, all problems here are solved. You can take a selfie with the help of a Bluetooth remote selfie stick like a supermodel. EasyAcc Selfie Stick with integrated Bluetooth Remote Shutter is stable and durable. Stainless steel stick can be 7 times extended, which offers you long enough selfie distance. It’s only 20 cm once it’s folded and easy to carry in travel trip. 


Find the right light

When it comes to taking your best look, nature light is most important. Nature light will brightening your skin color and conceal the flaws on your face. So if you are indoors, choose to stand next to a window for a soft, natural look. And if you are outside, you can take a selfie during sunrise or sunset, when the sunshine is less intense and perfect shine your face. Pay attention that the light comes from the front of your face, not behind. This tips will minimize shadows and give your face a youthful and healthy glow.

Choose beautiful background

Although you take a selfie just because you want others look your flawless, beautiful face, mess or ugly background will attract the sight of others and makes them feel disgusted. So before you try to find a perfect angle of your face, find a simple, clutter-free background which won’t distract from what really matters your beautiful face.

Aid of mirror

Although mirror selfies are great for showing off your whole outfit, they’re not without their downsides. Nobody wants to see a photo of you in your mess bathroom, nor do they want to see your tolite. What’s more, bathrooms are notorious for their terrible lighting. So when you take a selfie in front of a mirror, make sure the light is also right and your background is suitable. And the things showing in your photos will not disclose your privacy and could be accepted by others.


Edit by Selfie App

There are a lot of good selfie apps on all the platforms and the good thing is along with being a great selfie app, they are a great photo editing app too, which means you can snap a selfie and get to edit it on the go. Just like YouCam Perfect Selfie app, you can use selfie apps to larger your eyes, cover your acne, brighten your skin and hair and even give you a beautiful makeup.


After learning these tips about taking a selfie like a model, it’s time to have a try. You may have other tips for taking a best selfie, leave below and let us learn more skills.

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