Coca-Cola Smart Bottle Selfie Stick


As a familiar word to the people all over the world, Coca-Cola, to some extent, has been a part of our life, which just like our close friend showing everywhere we go and every time we feel thirsty. Coca-Cola has 130 years history since 1886 was founded. And it is still energetic by virtual of its amazing creativity. It is not strange to be witnessed as a dominator of international market in soft drink and beverage domain. Over the years,Coca-Cola stays its competitiveness by its innovations which not only retain the interest of the old generation, but also attract the young generations’ heart. With its concept to enhance the relationship with society and devote itself to give people a better experience of life, Coca-Cola focuses its products on bringing people happiness. Now, in 2016, there comes a smart bottle selfie stick.


The fastest way to win the young generations’ heart may be to know what they like doing. Coca-Cola made it! This is a selfie age, where there is a cellphone, there are selfies. If you want to record your most natural expression when you are sipping your soda, the solution comes here. The smart bottle stick revealed by Coca-Cola can take a snap as you swig. The custom designed selfie bottle complete with a built-in camera at the base. It was sensors to take pictures when the bottle is titled past a 70-degree angle capturing you mid-drink.


As an innovative latest ad campaign of Coca-Cola, all the images captured by the gadget are automatically shared to its Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. With this smart bottle selfie stick, you can have a perfect selfie without a strange stick in the picture. What’s more, you can tag yourself and your friends in photos on Coca-Cola’s social media assets. This invention makes your soda is more than for tasting of feeling, but for sharing of happiness and your special moment. It also means you would enjoy more excitement during the party by making the partygoers more present and active.


However, as a way, believed by many people, to boost one’s ego or feed one’s narcissistic needs, take a selfies with a smart bottle stick also needs some skills. If you want to snap a satisfactory selfie, ensure that your bottle is tilted past a 70-degree angle and your eyes is looking into the camera. Of course, a soft lighting is integral to a perfect photo, so make sure that the lighting is in front of you.

Researchers found that regularly snapping selfies and sharing the images with friends roosts people’s mood and ultimately makes them happier. Now, forget the selfie stick, and share your happiness and confidence by snapping a selfie with only a bottle of Coca-Cola!


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