Can you connect Galaxy Watch 4 to iPhone?

Samsung is intended to strengthen its fusion with Andoid, according to the Google co-designed Wear OS 3. Having been in the wearable market for years, the company is still being complained about its limited third-party apps, despite a fantastic base experience. The cooperation with Google this time will make it more convenient to connect GalaxyContinue reading “Can you connect Galaxy Watch 4 to iPhone?”

Does Galaxy Watch 4 support fast charging?

Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic during the newest Galaxy Unpacked Event, which are both built on Google and Samsung’s co-developed smartwatch platform, Wear OS 3. The two watches feature similar specs, but they have different design language for different users. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a sporty one withContinue reading “Does Galaxy Watch 4 support fast charging?”

Can Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus connect to an Apple Watch

When you ask about whether Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus can connect to Apple Watch, you should know that the possibility is decided by Apple Watch. As we know, Apple is not a “friendly” brand. Their products aren’t compatible with other brands’ devices with the exception of iTunes on Windows. Sorry to tell youContinue reading “Can Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus connect to an Apple Watch”