Can Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus connect to an Apple Watch


When you ask about whether Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus can connect to Apple Watch, you should know that the possibility is decided by Apple Watch. As we know, Apple is not a “friendly” brand. Their products aren’t compatible with other brands’ devices with the exception of iTunes on Windows. Sorry to tell you that Apple Watch can’t pair with Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus.


It’s easy to understand why Apple do like this. They won’t get any benefit if they allow the connectivity. Apple holds on to best wearable market share at 37%, though there is more competition continues to challenge it. The exclusivity gives people one more reason to buy an iPhone and even the whole Apple ecosystem.

Therefore, you own an Apple Watch and don’t have a plan to buy a new smartwatch, think it over before you switch to Samsung Note 10/ Note 10 Plus. But if you don’t have one and consider to get a smartwatch. Give a thought to Samsung Galaxy  Watch which is as powerful as Apple Watch and can be used on Apple. 


Samsung Galaxy  Watch

Smartwatch can tell the time, beam important notification to your wrist, track your fitness stats, play music through your earphones and even pay with it for your breakfast, and more. If you are an exercise enthusiast or a busy working man, you will need a smartwatch, an ultimate phone accessory. 


Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm. There are several color options for watch dial and watch brand. At least one for your need.

They have a bright and beautiful Circular Super AMOLED (360×360) display, 1.2″ or 13″, which is Full Color Always On. Dual-core 1.15GHZ processor and Android iOS provide you smooth user experience. The battery duration is 4 days on 46mm one, and less on 42mm. It is compatible with WPC based wireless charging. About its device compatibility, it can work with Samsung and other Android phones which is Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above. And most surprising, it can connect with iPhone (iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above). It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE (for extra) connectivity. And as a wearable device, its IP68 water resistance rating is really essential. It can survive from 50m of water. Accidental drop-in swimming pool or burry in beach sand won’t make any trouble for it.

Choose the one you like and express yourself with your own Galaxy Watch.

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