Does Galaxy Watch 4 support fast charging?

Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic during the newest Galaxy Unpacked Event, which are both built on Google and Samsung’s co-developed smartwatch platform, Wear OS 3. The two watches feature similar specs, but they have different design language for different users. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a sporty one with an aluminum build and a design that sits comfortably on your wrist. While the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is just as its name shows: bigger, classier, and simply offers more.

Since more and more smartphones feature fast charging, you may wonder if Galaxy Watch 4 also supports that technology. However, fast charging hasn’t yet come to smartwatches. You’ll still have to top up your Galaxy Watch 4 every day or so for normal use.

Speaking of the battery life, we haven’t had a test for specific result, but we know that the 40mm version comes with 247mAh, while the larger 42mm variant has a 361mAh cell. And according to Samsung official, the Galaxy Watch 4 takes “under two hours” to reach a 100% charge, and 30 minutes for around 10 hours of use. There’s a charger cable included in the box, which charges the watch at a maximum of 5W (5V/1A). No USB-A adapter, so you may need to take a spare one on you while travelling. Note that you can’t charge your Galaxy Watch 4 with a third-party wireless dock or charger, except for the official Samsung chargers.

Can you charge your Galaxy Watch 4 with your smartphones? That depends. If your phone supports Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare (i.e. reverse wireless charging), then you can go without the charger entirely.

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