What accessories should you buy for DJI Osmo Action?

DJI has announced their first action camera, DJI Osmo Action. To compete with the existing action camera giant, GoPro, DJI Osmo Action is designed roughly the same shape, size and function as GoPro 7 Black. And good to know that there will be a number of GoPro’s accessories compatible with Osmo Action, as long asContinue reading “What accessories should you buy for DJI Osmo Action?”

How is DJI Osmo Action waterproof rated?

Following the fever of Osmo Pocket DJI launched its new anticipated product — Osmo Action, it is regarded as a GoPro rival, it’s the first action camera DJI announced and certainly the strongest competitor is GoPro’s Hero 7 Black. It looks a lot like a GoPro but the dual color displays design make DJI Osmo Action a betterContinue reading “How is DJI Osmo Action waterproof rated?”

Is the front screen of Osmo Action a touch screen?

DJI Osmo Action debuted as a competitor of GoPro Hero 7 Black, carrying almost all specs similar to it. Of course, Osmo Action has some unique prominent features, such as its dual display. The small front-facing screen has gained a lot of praise as so far. Is it really helpful? What operations can we doContinue reading “Is the front screen of Osmo Action a touch screen?”

How’s the DJI Osmo Action’s Microphone? Can Osmo Action connect to an external microphone?

GoPro has owned the title of the premium action camera for years. DJI is trying to alter the situation. They have announced their first action camera DJI Osmo Action recently, a very similar product to GoPro’s Hero line. Osmo Action comes with a number of useful features for outdoor shooters, but how’s its microphone performance?Continue reading “How’s the DJI Osmo Action’s Microphone? Can Osmo Action connect to an external microphone?”

Does DJI Osmo Action have an HDMI port?

At this time, DJI surprised us with a product, not a drone. DJI Osmo Action is a waterproof action camera that features 4K/60fps 100Mbps video, dual screens, and more. As a direct competitor of GoPro’s Hero 7 Black, Osmo Action features almost all specs same as Hero 7 Black, while offering several totally unique features,Continue reading “Does DJI Osmo Action have an HDMI port?”