Is the front screen of Osmo Action a touch screen?


DJI Osmo Action debuted as a competitor of GoPro Hero 7 Black, carrying almost all specs similar to it. Of course, Osmo Action has some unique prominent features, such as its dual display. The small front-facing screen has gained a lot of praise as so far. Is it really helpful? What operations can we do with it?


Is the front screen of Osmo Action a touch screen?

On the Osmo Action, you get a full-color touch screen on the back and another smaller full-color screen on the front. Both of them show the same live video, but the front-facing screen isn’t a touch screen. 

What will Osmo Action’s front-facing screen help when you shoot a video?

Although the front display isn’t a touch screen, it can really help. It lets you check framing when you mounting it to a bike frame, vehicle, or just a selfie stick. The 1.4-inch LCD screen is 1:1 aspect ratio, which is weird. But DJI provides you two choices, to preview your shot in letterboxed fashion with black bars on the top and bottom or in full-screen mode with the sides of the video frame cropped off. If you just want to position yourself at the center of the frame, both of them could be your choice. If you want to check everything you want to shoot is in the frame, the letterboxed fashion will be more suitable. And you can also see some shooting info and the percentage of battery life. 


The image quality of the front-facing screen is just acceptable. You will prefer to use the rear screen whenever possible. 

How to switch between Osmo Action’s front-facing screen and rear screen?

There are 4 methods to quickly switch between the front and back screens.

Method 1 – Press and hold the QS button on the side until the screen has been switched.

Method 2 – Double-tap the main interface of the back screen with two fingers.

Method 3 – DJI supports Voice Command. You can say “screen switch” to switch the screens.

Method 4 – You can operate in DJI Mimo app, access camera view and tap “switch screens”.

Price at $349, compared to Hero 7 Black’s price of $400. Osmo Action is the action camera won’t let you regret. If you have any question about DJI Osmo Action, leave it below to discuss with us.

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