How’s the DJI Osmo Action’s Microphone? Can Osmo Action connect to an external microphone?


GoPro has owned the title of the premium action camera for years. DJI is trying to alter the situation. They have announced their first action camera DJI Osmo Action recently, a very similar product to GoPro’s Hero line. Osmo Action comes with a number of useful features for outdoor shooters, but how’s its microphone performance? Is its audio quality poor as Osmo Pocket? Do you need an external microphone?


Performance of DJI Osmo Action’s Microphone

There are two microphones positioned at the top and right side of DJI Osmo Action, just like GoPro Hero 7 Black. They will let users record sound properly and take advantage of Osmo Action’s Voice Control. Some influencers on Youtube did test videos of Osmo Action, including the test of its internal microphones’ audio quality. Most of them compared Action with GoPro. And I can’t easily tell which one is better than another. You can check one of the test videos by yourself. DJI Osmo Action can provide passable audio. However, if you need high-quality audio, you’ll need an external microphone. It will help a lot when you shoot footages outdoor in windy or rainy weather.


Can Osmo Action connect to an external microphone?

Yes. You can connect a third-party microphone with DJI Osmo Action. But it has just featured two ports, one USB C port and one Micro SD card slot. To connect an external microphone, there must have a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter. tested the connection with a third party 3.5mm to USB C adapter, and found it won’t work with Osmo Action. And till now there isn’t any test video or post showing that a 3rd-party 3.5mm to USB C adapter works with Osmo Action. Besides, there is a discussion about Osmo Action external microphone connection on DJI forum, from which we can make a conclusion that the existing 3.5mm adapter for Osmo Pocket is not compatible with Action.

Good news is that DJI said an official 3.5mm to USB C adapter for Osmo Action is coming soon. However, the 3.5mm adapter for Osmo Pocket has been released over 3 months after Pocket’s announcement. It seems that we have to wait patiently.

If you have any new information about Osmo Action external microphone connection or recommendation of 3.5mm adapter for Osmo Action, leave comments below to share with us.

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