OnePlus 5 VS iPhone 7 Plus

OnePlus, a Chinese Smartphone manufacturing company, launched the newest product- OnePlus 5 in 20, June. The company has made a great success when OnePlus 3 released. Thus, people have great expectation about it. From the day of its launched to now, we can see stories covering OnePlus 5 rumors. Apparently, OnePlus is the vigorous opponentContinue reading “OnePlus 5 VS iPhone 7 Plus”

Things You Need To Know About OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is coming. The most expensive product of OnePlus comes out with the highest expectation. At this time, OnePlus plans to meet the expectation in these three facts, high-end specs, solid hardware and super-fast softer ware. The best way to know more about this phone is right here-here are the top things you canContinue reading “Things You Need To Know About OnePlus 5”

Best Covers for Oneplus 5

Oneplus 5 was released in June, 2017, designed with fantastic camera and phenomenal performance, together with premium design and feel; it is overall an outstanding smartphone. Though its price maybe not such satisfying, people can go ignorantly on for its prominent performance. Now, Iā€™d like to introduce something about the best covers for Oneplus 5.Continue reading “Best Covers for Oneplus 5”

OnePlus 5 Charging Port

As one of the famous brands in China, OnePlus unveiled its OnePlus 5 on June 2017, and you may be impossible to see Oneplus 4 for the number ā€œ4ā€ is an unlucky number in Chinese culture. It is known for its power spec with relatively lower price which is more affordable than other big brands.Continue reading “OnePlus 5 Charging Port”