OnePlus 5 Charging Port


As one of the famous brands in China, OnePlus unveiled its OnePlus 5 on June 2017, and you may be impossible to see Oneplus 4 for the number “4” is an unlucky number in Chinese culture. It is known for its power spec with relatively lower price which is more affordable than other big brands. This time, you can expect dual camera, dash charge, and Oxygen OS from OnePlus 5.It will take you about £449 to get one, however, it claims that spend more you will get more.


Oneplus 5 comes with a new USB Type-C charging port. This will make your charging and date transferring much more convenient. USB Type-C charging port is a single connector standard that every device should be able to use. You’ll just need a single cable, whether you’re connecting an external hard drive to your laptop or charging your smartphone from a USB charger.

To get quickly up to speed with your new OnePlus 5 and its new USB-C charging port. Let’s get right into essential best OnePlus 5 USB-C accessories.


Essential Best OnePlus 5 USB-C Accessories

  • Best USB Type-C battery charger

Here let’s have a look at EasyAcc Quick Charge 2.0 USB Type C Power Bank.With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology the EasyAcc Power Bank charges compatible devices up to 75% faster than a standard charger.Equipped with Smart technology, it can automatically identify the type of device and output the suitable electric current for your device like the original power adapter, thus overcharging or overheating will never be a problem anymore. A prepared USB Type C Cable USB-A to USB Type-C cables for 3A (max) charging brings you more convenience.


  • Kidigi USB-C Charging Dock

Are you finding a charging dock for your new phone? Kidigi USB-C charging dock provides you with a convenient way to recharge your phone or connect it to your PC. This charging dock allows you to connect your USB-C smartphone to the cradle via a USB connection and simultaneously use the computer port to charge your phone as well as synchronize your data simultaneously. And This means that not only can you be sure that your phone is fully charged but that you can quickly and easily back up important data from your phone onto your computer or laptop.


With a whopping 3.1A at your disposal, this high powered car charger will top your OnePlus 5 up in no time. It features an ergonomic car charger which can be easily plugged and unplugged from your car’s electrical port and it will not hinder any operation of your vehicle or take up any more space than necessary.


This product also includes a USB-C charging cable, so you can charge your OnePlus 5 with ease. Best of all, you can also use the USB to USB-C cable to charge your phone in any other USB powered port or connect to a computer to transfer media & data.

If you have any problems about OnePlus 5 charging port, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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