Best Covers for Oneplus 5


Oneplus 5 was released in June, 2017, designed with fantastic camera and phenomenal performance, together with premium design and feel; it is overall an outstanding smartphone. Though its price maybe not such satisfying, people can go ignorantly on for its prominent performance. Now, I’d like to introduce something about the best covers for Oneplus 5.

About Oneplus 5


OnePlus has produced two versions of the OnePlus 5, with the base model coming with 64GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM and pricing at $479 (£449, around AU$630). The higher-end version, with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, is priced at $539 (£499, around AU$710). It is a dual-lens setup that allows you to capture some attractive-looking shots with artfully blurred backgrounds, as well as boasting a ‘lossless’ zoom feature, which essentially means that zooming in on subjects will only result in a negligible reduction in image quality. This feature works in a similar way to the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, but evidently its price is more affordable. What is more, it is also the best-looking device the company has made to date, coming at 7.25mm—almost as thin as the iPhone 7, which is 7.1mm and weighting at 153g—so light that you may worry about the forceful gust of wind. Pitifully, it is not waterproof and supports only full HD display, also, it is not available for micro SD support.

OnePlus 5 Karbon Bumper Case


It is the most durable Oneplus hard case which looks exactly like the Karbon cover but it wraps around the entire device and is a full “bumper case” not just a snap-on cover. Thus, it can be a reliable protector for your phone. There are various cases produced by Oneplus, you can check out the Oneplus accessories page and find some cases.

Otterbox Case


Featuring a robust construction, the OtterBox Case for the OnePlus 5 provides superior dual-layer protection. The inner silicone layer protects against shocks and drops, while the outer hard shell keeps everything secure. Also, it is surprisingly sleek and stylish with the outer hard shell letting you comfortably slide your device into your pocket and the silicone edges adding extra grip.

OnePlus 5 Flip Cover


The official flip cover for the OnePlus 5 is made of polyurethane leather, definitely adds to its premium feel and looks. Besides, all the four corners of your phone are covered by hard shell, the case does offer some sort of protection. Additionally, there’s also a slot to insert your credit card on the inside. And since it is a flip cover, your phone’s screen will be sufficiently covered to prevent your display from getting scratched easily.

TUDIA Merge Heavy Duty Case


It is a stylish one with a dual-layer design—a soft rubberized inner layer and a hard exterior shell for rigidity. The soft inner layer makes has a raised lip that covers all the corners and edges to protect your shiny new OnePlus 5 from accidental drops.

KuGi Flexible Soft Case


Unlike the above cases, KuGi is a soft case that feels more premium. It features a brushed design on the back, with a neat carbon fiber touch, at the top and bottom, which definitely adds to the device’s aesthetics. In terms of protection, the case covers every nook and corner of your Oneplus 5, which provides good protection.


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