Things You Need To Know About OnePlus 5


OnePlus 5 is coming. The most expensive product of OnePlus comes out with the highest expectation. At this time, OnePlus plans to meet the expectation in these three facts, high-end specs, solid hardware and super-fast softer ware.

The best way to know more about this phone is right here-here are the top things you can know well to this phone.


1.The outlook is beautiful but softer

This is the most attractive looking OnePlus phone yet, with an aluminum body which goes along the sides and have lots of nice little touches such as the colour-matched antenna lines just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 has.


2.The dash charge has come back and it is faster

The dash charge system helps your OnePlus 5’s battery charge up immediately. But the question is that it is only suitable to the OnePlus 5. It requires the special charger matching the cable. That means if you plug in to another phone’s charger or use another cable, it will work in a different way. It just can’t be as fast as the dash charger do. On the battery side, the OnePlus 5 has 3300mAh which is larger than every product that the company has. The battery is looked smaller than the OnePlus 3T’s, but it is able to work for a longer time.


3.The phone can work almost everywhere in the world

OnePlus 5 is support in over 30 countries. It allows you go most places or work abroad and the phone is able to work in the local carrier. This is convenient for the international travelers. There are also two SIM slots, providing you more choices for business and personal affairs. Having two SIM slots is a kind of trend that more and more people use two SIM in their daily life.


4.The two rear cameras are amazing

The most obvious change is the camera. It makes your pictures more clear and natural. The two cameras can help each other. The main camera can take pictures perfectly but with few problems. Another one becomes the assistant helping to finish the photograph. For example, the photograph will have a different light and a more elegant scene.


5.The price is still not expensive

It is the most expensive OnePlus phone. At launch, the 64GB version is £449 and for the larger 128GB version is £499. Not like the OnePlus 3 with a lower price, Oneplus 5 becomes better and more perfect. This price is high but it still is lower in the same phone level.

The OnePlus 5 has launched on the June 6. If you are fond of the product, you can have a try. There are plenty of changes and update to the products which belongs to the OnePlus, such as the waterproof function, the touch ID and so on. It is all up to you whether the phone is really worth buying or not. This passage is only giving you a little help to know more about the new phone.


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