Best Qualcomm 4.0 Power Bank

When power-consuming has been a problem of smartphones, fast charging has naturally been consumers’ requirement as one of the best solutions to frequent charging. As the leader of the fast charging technology community, Qualcomm Technologies has been devoting to meet people’s requirements. At the end of last year, Qualcomm Technology introduced its new fast chargingContinue reading “Best Qualcomm 4.0 Power Bank”

Power Bank For Laptop

Is There A Power Bank For Laptop? Many people will ask this question. We usually use power bank to charger our smartphone ,tablet , Go-pro  or other smart devices.  But we seldom or never see people use power bank to charger laptop. So the question is “Can we charge laptops via USB with a powerContinue reading “Power Bank For Laptop”

Top 5 Best Quick Charge Power Bank

Nowadays, Most people’s smart devices have to endure constant, heavy use, which makes smart power bank / quick charge power bank an important accessory to carry regularly. But with so many options out there for power banks, it can be hard to pick the right pack with the right power capacity for your needs. Thankfully, Today I hasContinue reading “Top 5 Best Quick Charge Power Bank”

What is Quick Charge?

Quick Charge/Fast Charge is the next generation of fast charging technology for devices like Smartphone, Smart Power Bank etc. Quick Charge Means Less time charging, More time doing. Here i Collect Top 5 mainstream Quick Charge solutions: Qualcomm Quick Charge , MTK Pump Express,  TI MaxCharge, USB 3.1 PD and OPPO VOOC Flash Charge.   1.Qualcomm Quick ChargeContinue reading “What is Quick Charge?”

Difference Between Original Battery and Mobile Power Bank

   Applicability:1. The equipment original battery is only suitable for the use of original equipment, mobile power simply convert the connector will be able to charge a variety of digital devices or power supply and charging, but is not limited to the brand and model.2. Power bank 5000mah can be widely used in USB On-the-GoContinue reading “Difference Between Original Battery and Mobile Power Bank”

How To Match Emoji With Your Battery Percentage?

Our mood depends on our phone’s battery percentage? It’s interesting that people use their phones for talking, texting, gaming, chatting and sharing pictures with friends and strangers all around the world all the time. Sometimes people will be in panic when their phone’s batteries are low. It seems that our mood depends on our phone’sContinue reading “How To Match Emoji With Your Battery Percentage?”