Best Qualcomm 4.0 Power Bank


When power-consuming has been a problem of smartphones, fast charging has naturally been consumers’ requirement as one of the best solutions to frequent charging. As the leader of the fast charging technology community, Qualcomm Technologies has been devoting to meet people’s requirements. At the end of last year, Qualcomm Technology introduced its new fast charging technology—-Qualcomm 4.0. It was claimed to be faster in a way of 5 minutes of charging getting you 5 or more hours of battery life. It sounds a piece of exciting news, so you may ask what is new with Qualcomm 4.0.Read more to get answers.


Know about Qualcomm quick charge 4.0
Quick Charge 4.0 is the newest and fastest Quick Charge technology released by Qualcomm Technology recently. And compare to its last generation, it lead in a prior position in many aspects.
More Efficient & Run Cooler
Qualcomm 4.0 supports the third generation Dual charge technology, promoting thermal dissipation and reducing charge time. As a result, it is up-to 20 percent faster, or 30 percent more efficient than the Quick Charge 3.0 and 5 ℃ cooler while charging. Specifically, it is engineered to charge a typical smartphone from zero to 50 percent in about 15 minutes or less.


Safer & Smarter
Qualcomm 4.0 allows for multiple charging implementations and mobile devices by adopting USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Complaint technologies. It means you can charge all of your mobile devices with just a single accessory. In the terms of safety, it supports multiple levels of protection which help supervising the whole process of charging. The implementation of INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) version 3 is another key technology to make fast charging smarter. It is designed to advance charging optimization in a way of determining and selecting the optimal power transfer level automatically. In this way, you will no need to worry about over-charging.
All being well but one, until now you still can’t buy Qualcomm 4.0 quick charger in the market, although it is expected to be commercially available in the first half of 2017. However, if you are in urgent need of one fast charge power bank, you can consider the following best power banks with Qualcomm 3.0 which can also satisfy your current needs very well.


EasyAcc 20000mAh fastest power bank
Fast Ever, Smart Charge& Monster Capacity
Featuring a revolutionary dual input design with one port adopts the Quick Charge 3.0 technology; EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank achieves charging 27% faster than Quick Charge 2.0. Only 5 hours are needed to take a full charge which allowing for an iPhone 7 six times charging on a single charge.
Smart charge technology is implemented and 4 outputs are designed, with which you can charge at most 4 devices simultaneously without caring about over-charging.What’s more, based on Quick charge 3.0 technologies, EasyAcc power bank can charge your devices up to 80% to compatible devices in 35 minutes in a way of 4 times faster than convention charging. Click here to buy EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank in a competitive price on Or you can click the subtitle ahead to give yourself more information about its performance.


Jackery 20100mAh power bank
Great Capacity & Most Efficiency
Jackery 20100mAh power bank equipped with two outputs interfaces and can maximizes the charge efficiency with Smart Fit 5V/2.4A Max and Quick Charge 3.0. Similar to EasyAcc power bank, it is capable of charging your devices up to 80% to compatible devices in less than 35 minutes.
The Great 20100mAh capacity allows to fully charging 3 to 6 times depending on different smartphones. Of course, it also works with QC 2.0 devices. More details you can find on


Aukery 30000mAh power bank
Huge Capacity & Aipower Adaptive Charging
Aukery power bank features the huge capacity of 30000mAh. Put the concept more clearly, it allows 10 times charge for iPhone 7. QC 3.0 technology undoubtedly improves its speed of charging. On the best of it, the adaptation of Aipower Adaptive Charging technology makes it compatible to all 5V powered devices which include Android and Apple devices. In a much convenient way, you can charge both your smartphone and power bank with one cable.Click here to search for more information about Aukery power bank.
From above, you can choose one type QC3.0 best suitable for you while waiting for Qualcomm 4.0 Quick Chargers to come.

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